Grotto Coming To PS4 And Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Digerati and Brainwash Gang will be releasing Grotto on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year. Come check it out!

Grotto is a mystical, narrative-focused experience. You are the Soothsayer. The one capable of talking with the stars and unveiling their messages. In a time of turmoil, the tribe of the valley turn to your powers of divination and come to you for guidance.

Their fate will change depending on your auguries. Overthink every constellation, or let the stars freely enter your mind. You are the Soothsayer and yours is the way to read the future.

Grotto Features:

Look to the sky from the sacred rock, draw the constellations, and read the stars

Learn to read the bones and foretell the future or contact those who are gone

Get to know your people and help them face their problems

Choose wisely your answers as you’ll change the present and future of your tribe. They will thrive or die depending on your words

A visual style that mixes 2D and 3D art brings the confined world of Grotto to life

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Grotto Review - 2

Grotto Review - 3

Grotto Review - 4

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