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Narita Boy from Studio Koba and Team17 is a retro-tastic 1980s infused 2D action adventure you have to check out on PS4. Learn more in our Narita Boy review!

Narita Boy from Studio Koba and Team17 is a retro-tastic 1980s infused 2D Metroidvania action adventure on PlayStation 4. The Spanish indie team took the game to Kickstarter way back in 2017, asking for €120,000 to bring the game to life. The project had console ports to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch as part of its stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign at €180,000 and €200,000, respectively, but neither one was reached. It’s now 2021, and publisher Team17 has stepped in to help with the game’s release on consoles – with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions out – as well as on Steam.

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In Narita Boy, you’ll play as the titular character, who is activated by Motherboard, the supervisor program that oversees everything that is going on in the game. You see, in this reality, The Creator has, well, created the Narita One gaming console with Narita Boy being its flagship title, selling millions of copies and becoming the best-selling game of all time. Inside of the game’s code lies a digital realm that connects with our reality, and when HIM threatens everything, it’s up to Narita Boy to save the Digital Kingdom, battling HIM and his Hackernauts to defeat evil once and for all.

You can move around with the left analog stick, jumping with the X button, and attacking with the Square button. You can dodge attacks with the L1 button or use a shoulder bash with the R1 button. You can also use your weapon as a handy shotgun with the R2 button or press and hold down the button to unleash an Ultra Beam. Do be aware that each of these attacks will require a set number of ammo cartridges to be activated, which means you won’t be able to abuse one or the other. Once you gain access to the Energetic Charge, you’ll be able to store Trichroma Power as you damage enemies. Once you have a charge, you can trade a block of Trichroma Power to recover one of your hit points.

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The Circle button is for interacting with objects or other characters, so that you can learn more about the Narita Boy universe and the different entities that live within its code. You also have a floppy board you can activate with the L2 button. Oh, and you can eventually summon some dudes to your side by pressing left, up, or right on the D-Pad. Other than running and jumping, the rest of your abilities will need to be added into the game’s code as power-ups that you must first collect and then equip on Narita Boy.

When you witness the Motherboard’s message recorded for Narita Boy, you will learn a lot about the Trichroma. The Trichroma is what powers everything around you, with three Creator Beams and three Houses of Trichroma, each within a different region of the Digital Kingdom. The Yellow House Beam spans over the Desert simulation. The Blue House Beam exists within the regions of eternal rain and Blue simulation. The Red House Beam is the most powerful and disruptive of them all, existing as the powerful equilibrium that brings balance to the whole Trichroma architecture.

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It used to be that HIM would oversee and supervise all data dump, but he ended up losing his mind, betraying everyone else in the process. He was once defeated and expelled from the Red Beam along with programs known as Stallions, but he has, unfortunately, managed to return to wreak havoc across the Digital Kingdom. Only the true hero that manages to claim and wield the Techno-sword, a blade forged with Trichroma Beams, can stand a chance to destroy the Stallion code, defeating HIM for good.

There are thirteen totems around the Digital Kingdom that worked as The Creator’s neural network. HIM found a way to not only erase The Creator’s memories but also to destroy the thirteen totems, thus keeping The Creator from remembering that he is needed to sustain the Digital Kingdom’s existence. Your journey will quickly take you to the first of the thirteen totems, and you must find the remaining twelve in order to piece together their code so that you can help retrieve The Creator’s memory before it’s too late. While the first totem is too damaged, if you manage to find the five backup floppy disks hidden around the Digital Kingdom, you’ll have a shot at rebuilding the first totem.

Narita Boy has a full trophy list waiting for you, with a bunch of objectives to complete. The list is split into twenty Bronze, nine Silver, and five Gold trophies, with some of them popping up as you progress through the game’s story, exploring each area of the Digital Kingdom. You’ll get trophies for unlocking the different power-ups that will aid you on your adventure, for locating hidden rooms, defeating bosses – including HIM itself -, as well as for finding the backup floppy that can save the universe!

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Narita Boy is a game that caught my attention from the moment I saw its trailer, and I’m here to say that what you see is what you get… which, in the case of this game, is a whole lot of awesome in one tight package! The game’s retro-styled look and feel aim to emulate a long-gone era that still lives within our hearts, bodies, and souls while also polishing the graphics and audio to perfection. As you wield the Techno-sword, you’ll take on a sidescrolling journey that shines on PlayStation 4, standing out as a must-play title from the little indie studio that could. Add an awesome soundtrack by Salvinsky that is all killer and no filler, and you have one of the best games of 2021. Narita Boy is out with a $24.99 asking price, and it’s one you have to add to your collection.

This Narita Boy review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Team17.

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