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What Comes After from Flynn’s Arcade, fahmi, and and Rolling Glory Jam is a 2D adventure about learning to love yourself. Check our review!

In What Comes After from Flynn’s Arcade, fahmi, and Rolling Glory, you’ll take on a 2D adventure about learning to love yourself. You’re on a train towards the afterlife, and must help Vivi on her journey to the afterlife… and back! You might remember fahmi due to the work done on the excellent Coffee Talk, and this time around we’re getting a shorter experience that manages to stand out on Nintendo Switch.

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You’ll move Vivi around with the D-Pad, walking faster by pressing and holding down the B button. You can talk to others and make selections by using the A button… and that’s it! Vivi will start her journey by barely managing to catch the train. After this, it’s time to try and find a sear so that she can relax as she makes her way to her final destination. The train is a bit packed, so be sure to move around each cart until you find the right place to sit down and unwind.

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Unfortunately, you’ll soon realize that Vivi ends up falling asleep for a bit too long. How long? Well, by the time she wakes up, the train is a different hue, there’s a bit of a fog issue inside of the train, and she’s seeing lots of ghosts sitting down where living people were sitting not too long ago! You’ll meet many different people during your time on this train, as well as some animals who are also on their way to the afterlife!

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What Comes After is an emotional ride that is easy to recommend on Nintendo Switch. Vivi will learn a lot from her journey on this particular train, and so will you! It’s hard to talk about narrative-driven games like this one without spoiling things, so this is all I’m going to say about What Comes After: buy it. You’re going to be spending an hour or so playing this one from start to finish, and it’s a charming experience I recommend you check out on Nintendo Switch. What Comes After is out with a $7.99 price.

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This What Comes After review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Flynn’s Arcade.

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