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by EdEN, Owner

The Flower Collectors from Mi’pu’mi Games is a new adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Check out our TheFlower Collectors review!

In The Flower Collectors from Mi’pu’mi Games, you’ll be taking on an adventure game inspired by classic noir films. You’ll be tasked with solving a murder mystery set in 1977 Barcelona. The studio previously gave us The Lion’s Song on Nintendo Switch, and this time around you will get to interact with an anthropomorphic cast of characters – cats, bears, dogs, and more!

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You’ll play as Jorge, an ex-cop who is wheelchair-bound. He witnesses a murder during one particularly stormy night, and will do whatever it takes to solve the mystery. Since you can’t just do downstairs to the plaza where the crime took place, you’ll need to use your binoculars, camera, as well as a transmitter to take a look around the area, as you try to piece clues together. You’ll be aided on this journey by Melinda, a young journalist cat who is eager to learn some new tricks.

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You will need to unravel the secrets of your unsuspecting neighbors, in order to find out the truth. Is the local priest hiding something? Can you trust the old lady who lives on the top floor of the building across from the plaza? What is up with the cabaret and its owner? The two sisters working at the workshop fixing scooters seem to be up to something. Can you really trust Melinda? Or does she have something to hide? What is the policia really searching for?

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To move around, you can use the left analog stick. Since you’re on a wheelchair, you won’t be exploring beyond the hall on your floor, since the elevator is busted, and you certainly can’t take the stairs! You can use your binoculars or Melinda’s camera – once she lets you borrow it – with the ZR button, looking around with the right analog stick. To take a photo, press the ZR button. As you find more evidence, you’ll be able to add it to your crime wall. To interact with things or with Melinda, press the A button.

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The Flower Collectors, set in this 1970s post-Franco Barcelona with anthropomorphic characters, manages to stand out on Nintendo Switch with its art style, voice acting, and narrative. The Flower Collectors is a short adventure you can probably complete in 3-4 hours depending on how much experience you have with the genre, The Flower Collectors is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

This The Flower Collectors review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mi’pu’mi Games.

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