[Nintendo Switch] My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant Review

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My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant from Microids is a colorful and fun arcade-style game. Check our My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant review!

In My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant from Microids, you’ll be taking on a colorful and fun arcade-style cooking game on Nintendo Switch. As the name suggests, this time around, you’ll be tasked with managing your own restaurant, learning all of the basics as you go along. You’ll get to learn from the bests, preparing delicious meals for your clients, but not before giving them a warm welcome, taking their order, and doing whatever it takes to make sure they have a memorable time at your fine establishment.

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The first step in all of this will be for you to select your character between the three male and female options. Next up, you’ll be able to give your character a name… as well as select the name of your restaurant! You’ll see the restaurant’s name displayed right above the door, so it’s very important that you pick the one that feels right for you. Once you’ve taken care of this, you’ll be able to step inside your new business so that you can start to give it your best effort to serve the finest dishes.

You can move your character with the left analog stick, running with the Y button as needed. You can interact with clients with the A button and can leave a client with the B button so that you can take care of business. When you need to cut something, you can move the knife with the left analog stick, cutting with the A button. To fry, you can shake the pan or tilt it as needed with the left analog stick, flipping things with the A button. You might need to sprinkle your meals every now and then, so pay attention! If you need to spread or mix something, this will also be done with the left analog stick. When you put food in the oven, or when you have to assemble a dish, you’ll need to complete a quick-time mini-game by using the A, B, X, and Y buttons – and the same goes for when you have to break some eggs!

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Once you’ve greeted a customer and taken them to a table, the client will start to read the menu. When a notepad icon shows up over them, that means they’re ready to order. Once you take their order, you’ll have to go over and prepare the meal they crave! Your first task will be to make a cheeseburger. Step one will be to dice the tomatoes. After this, you’ll have to cut a red onion and then cut some nice cheddar for the burger. After this, you must cook the ground beef patty for the burger. Sprinkle some herbs and pepper, and you’ll be ready to plate your dish to take it to the customer, which, as mentioned before, is done by completing a short, quick-time mini-game

Each of the segments for cooking a dish will be graded on its own, and you can get up to three chefs’ hats for each section. In the end, after plating the dish, you’ll be graded based on the average of all segments to see how many chef’s hats you receive for your efforts. Now walk close to the client’s table and press the A button to serve them the mal you’ve prepared so that you can get some experience points! You’ll get experience points for all actions you make in your restaurant, including cleaning up the table after a client is done!

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Every dish that you make will have different requirements, so be sure to pay attention! You can’t expect to use the same procedure for making a burger for when you need to make cupcakes! Cupcakes are sweet – most of the time! – and require that you follow a recipe down to how many grams of melted butter you’re going to need! You will also need to add frosting to the cupcakes before you can decorate them with some sprinkles for that extra touch.

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Remember the chef’s hats you can get based on how good you are at preparing each dish? Well, they will come into play when you want to unlock some new dishes to make! The better you get at preparing each dish, the faster you’ll get to unlock new dishes, as well as new chefs that will join your restaurant! Things get a bit hectic when you need to seat clients indoors, outdoors, or on the second floor while making sure that you take each client’s order and clean up the tables once they’re done!

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My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant is a colorful and fun arcade-style restaurant management sim with fun mini-games and many dishes to prepare for your customers. You’ll slice vegetables, mix the dough, cook and bake lots of cheeseburgers, tiramisu, pancakes, or bruschetta depending on what your customers want, making sure to pay attention to where they want to be seated in your restaurant – some want to be inside, others ask to be seated on the second floor. My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant is out on Nintendo’s console with a $29.99 asking price.

This My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Microids.

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