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Explosionade DX from Mommy’s Best Games is a 2D action platformer that has you battling against nasty aliens. Check our Explosionade DX review!

In Explosionade DX from Mommy’s Best Games, you’ll be taking on a 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch that has you battling against nasty aliens. Mommy’s Best Games previously gave us the fun arcade-style top-down Pig Eat Ball with a quirky vibe. It released Explosionade on Steam back in 2015, and now it’s bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch as Explosionade DX, with 60 levels to take on and rebalanced gameplay, so now it’s time to dive into a new action-packed experience! Your goal is simple: destroy everything that moves, find the powercore, shoot it, and move out of the floor by taking the now uncovered exit.

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You’ll control your mech with the left analog stick, aiming with the right one as you shoot your machine gun with the X button. There’s also the option of configuring things so that the right analog stick also shoots your weapon. You can jump with the A or R buttons and can protect yourself with a shield that can be deployed by pressing and holding down the ZL button. You won’t be able to move when using the shield, but it will protect you from all attacks. Oh, and if you time it right, jump, and activate your shield, it will help you bounce so that you can reach higher places. The ZR button will be for your grenade, which can deal a lot of damage to your enemies! You can press the ZR button to shot sticky grenades or press and hold it down to make your grenade bounce.

If you want to add your name to the online leaderboards, you’ll need to either kill all enemies in a room or not kill a single enemy in a room to get the All Kill or No Kill bonus. You also need to be fast so that you can get as much of the Time Bonus as possible! The Time Bonus will start at 5,000 points, decreasing with every second you spend on a stage. You only have 30 seconds to finish the stage in order for you to collect it, so be sure to plan accordingly!

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Each enemy will have a set number of points to add to your score as well. For example, a Snake Bat is worth 150 points, but a Missile Turret is worth 900 points. You can also collect piles of gold for an extra 1,000 points while also recovering some of your armor. If you collect ten gold piles in a row, you’ll activate the Meganade Cascade, which allows you to unleash a ton of grenades without having to replenish them for a short period of time. You can also collect a pie with the Mommy’s Best Games logo to get 5,000 points and restore some of your armor.

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Explosionade DX includes an in-game achievements system with 19 objectives for you to complete. These include doing things such as destroying a platform with a Horronym corpse on it, kicking 20 Horronyms without dying, killing a Bezerker, bouncing so much with your shield as to achieve terminal velocity, beating a combat room without taking any damage, completing the campaign in the Chilled, Normal, or Serious difficulty settings, collecting 20 piles of gold with a single life, or beating the game without dying.

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If you’re looking for a fun arcade-style 2D action platformer with a challenge you can customize to your liking, then Explosionade DX is certainly a good option. The game offers 60 levels for you to take on, online leaderboards you can try to squeeze your name into, and fun gameplay mechanics, all for a budget price of only $5.99 on Nintendo Switch.

This Explosionade DX review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mommy’s Best Games.

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