Best Card Mini-Games Ever In Video Games

by Palabar

A game inside a game is what we now call a mini-game. Nothing can be a better way to take a rest from the main storyline without switching off your console than diving into a shorter experience or an arcade-style game.

Sometimes game developers become extremely creative designing mini-games because it’s a brilliant chance to expand the world of the game and keep players spend more and more hours with their product. For some players, accomplishing mini-games becomes even more important than the main quests or storyline! We all love to go fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 or playing pool or darts with Roman on GTA IV. But today we want to introduce you to the list of the best card-based mini-games!


Caravan is a card game played by the denizens of the irradiated Mojave Westland in Fallout: New Vegas, a game published by RPG colossus Bethesda. Caravan Guards designed this game to play one on one on the long treks from one shantytown to the next. They can use any card they find and they need to add it to their deck. If you are an A player, then you can hold any one type of card and you do not get any duplicate card from that set. It is a low stakes game, but during betting, any type of currency can be used. You can use the dollar, legion coins, pre-war money, etc.


Speaking about Gwent we need to mention that’s it’s not a mini-game per se. It became an independent project some time ago, and you can even play it with your friends sitting around a real table or take things online. It was part of the The Witcher world first introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s a collectable card game, which means you do not play with the same set of cards every time, but need to find new ones travelling over the world. It’s a duel game, so you’ll have players battling against each other. It has a fast rhythm and it’s all about strategy. The player needs to choose among five different playable armies with their own unique leaders and skills. Each faction and leader also provide a permanent unique bonus throughout the game.

Triple Triad

This is another great game that is very popular among Final Fantasy fans. As per the game’s legend, Triple Triad was made by a clairvoyant named Orlan who altered tarot cards for use in a game, instituting the name Triple Triad. The game is broadly played and mainstream with all socioeconomics. Not at all like other card-based mini-games, players acquire cards for their deck by overcoming beasts in battle or by utilizing an ability called Card. Players can likewise win cards by crushing players and consolidating the decks. Each card has four numbers written in the upper left-hand corner. These numbers each address one corner of the card. The cards placed by rivals appear in red and your cards will appear in blue. In the upper right corner of the card, a picture will show what component a card addresses: Earth, Water, Poison, Holy, Lightning, Wind, Ice, or Fire. The aim is to capture your opponent’s cards by turning them to your side, capturing them in the process. To win, the majority of the cards played on the board must be of a player’s color.


This ancient game was invented thousands of years ago and still remains one of the most important games all over the galaxy in Star Wars canon. Pazaak rooms could be found on any planet in any corner of the universe! The rules are pretty similar to 2. The player needs to reach 20 without going above. The player with the nearest total to 20 is the round champ. The player who wins every one of the three rounds dominates the game and any round that scored a draw isn’t considered a triumph or a loss for players. Every player has two decks; the primary deck, made out of cards numbered 1–10, and a side deck, from which players draw their hands at each turn. The side decks are amassed by the actual player’s past to the beginning of the game and should have precisely ten cards.

Red Dead Redemption Poker

Red Dead Redemption, for those not aware of everything, is viewed as one of the victories of present-day gaming. The world of the game is filled with criminals, native Americans and gunfire. What mini-game can suit this tough Wild West setting better than poker? We’ve checked with gambling experts from Exycasinos and they confirmed that the game represented in RDR is no-limit Texas Hold’Em. It’s the most expensive activity available in the game especially with the high stakes level. You need at least $250 just to join the action! It’s extremely exciting as cheating is not the option and thousands of players over the world enjoy poker not only in single game but in multiplayer also.

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