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Pumpkin Jack is a spooky Halloween-themed 3D platformer. Learn if it’s one worth your time and money in our Pumpkin Jack review!

Pumpkin Jack is set in a dazzlingly eerie world – just imagine a mashup of Jak & Daxter and MediEvil made with Unreal Engine 4. Even though it was created by just one single developer, Nicolas Meyssonier, the 3D platformer features a hair-raising array of gameplay mechanics providing an entertaining playtime of 5-8 hours (one run).

In Pumpkin Jack from Headup Games, the world was initially safe and free from war. The devil, for whom this means bad business, took that situation into his hands and unleashed hordes of monsters in order to bring chaos. In response, the King sent his best wizard to bring the monsters down. The devil – who isn’t one to abandon a good fight – quickly summoned one of its most foul souls and crammed it into a pumpkin in order to take the wizard down, creating the titular Pumpkin Jack.

I personally love Halloween-themed releases, and I was happy to see that Pumpkin Jack would get a PS4 release following its Nintendo Switch release back last year. I was still surprised to see this game releasing on PlayStation 4, far away from the Halloween festivities, but the good news is that this is a fun release!

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As you might have understood, Pumpkin Jack is, in fact, a bad guy. The game starts with Pumpkin Jack landing in a cornfield after being summoned by the devil himself and the first moment serves as a tutorial. You’ll learn the basics of the controls: attacking, dodging, and double jumping.

You’ll encounter the monsters the devil unleashed on the land, and they’ll attack you even though you are technically on the same side because they’re too basic to determine who’s a friend or a foe. At first, I thought that the combat was relatively mindless: attack, dodge, attack, and dodge, but after a bit, I realized that while the system is not as deep as what you’d find in other games, this is done by design, because when there are several enemies on the screen, you will need to be fast at dodging so that you can avoid being damaged by one while you’re focusing on another one.

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Pumpkin Jack is built on the Unreal Engine, and the levels are very well designed, colorful, with lots of details in each area. However, the level design is relatively simple since the adventure is a linear one from start to finish. But worry not, because there are several collectibles for you to find! There are 21 in each of the six levels that the game has to offer, and some of them are pretty hidden, forcing you to search every corner. The collectibles are then used to purchase new outfits, which add a little customization to the game. You should always make sure to destroy everything you can since sometimes these objects will leave behind some health power-ups to help you recover what you’ve lost.

I also liked that for a few moments, there are special events that unfold, and the gameplay changes slightly between them. For instance, the first one you’ll encounter has you evading a burning barn, and after this, you might run into a phantom horse you can ride as it runs through the air! The cut-scenes also feature a great narrating voice. As for the trophies, they will be awarded for progressing through the campaign and for collecting every single item that Pumpkin Jack is hiding.

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Pumpkin Jack is a great Halloween-themed release. There isn’t much to complain about it since it fulfills the experience it sells in the trailer. The levels look great, the combat is fun but simple, and I liked exploring this world. It feels a little out-of-season given it’s release date on PS4, but I still recommend that you give this one a try!

If you’re looking an easier way to get the Platinum trophy, you can follow the collectibles guide below:

This Pumpkin Jack review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by Headup Games.

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