[PlayStation 4] GraviFire Review

by EdEN, Owner

GraviFire from Sometimes You is a new puzzle game on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Gravifire review!

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GraviFire from Sometimes You is a new puzzle game on PlayStation 4 in which you’ll be controlling Green Fire, who has been abducted by evil aliens! You’ll need to don a special robotic suit to solve puzzles under their watch. If you manage to complete all 50 puzzles they have prepared for you, then Green Fire will be able to return home. There are boxes to move, deadly lasers to avoid, and gravity to manipulate in a clever puzzle experience. Lasers can be deactivated by stepping on the corresponding colored switch or by leaving a block on top of it.

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You’ll be moving your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, pushing around any boxes as needed to complete the many puzzles in your future. You can switch gravity as needed by using the right analog stick so that you can remove any obstacles on your path or to get boxes to the specific spots that need to be activated in order to complete the puzzle. If you have trouble completing any of the levels, you have the option of pressing the Triangle button to skip it. This can be done up to five times. You do need to be careful because some of the levels you shouldn’t skip because they have a trophy attached to them.

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Speaking of which, GraviFire has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you! Since this is a puzzle game, that means that as long as you complete all fifty puzzles that the game has to offer, you’ll have a new shiny Platinum for your collection! The trophies will unlock as you complete progress through GraviFire, with the first one popping up as soon as the initial sequence is over. The rest will unlock as you complete each set of five stages, with an extra one for completing stage 43.

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GraviFire is an enjoyable puzzle game that introduces new elements at a steady pace over its 50 levels, as to not overwhelm gamers. You’ll first have to deal with moving boxes, then doing this while controlling gravity, then doing all that while controlling lasers, all before you have to consider magnets that keep boxes from being able to move after they make contact. GraviFire is out on PlayStation 4 with a low $4.99 asking price, offering 50 puzzle levels to take on and a Platinum trophy for trophy hunters to aim for.

This GraviFire review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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