Oddworld: Soulstorm Is Coming On April 6

by Palabar

PS fans can breathe with relief, because your favorite Mudokon hero is coming back in a PlayStation timed console exclusive title!

Oddworld Inhabitants Inc. has finally unveiled the release date – after postponing it so often since Soulstorm was first announced in 2016. Get ready to grab your copy on April 6th, but be aware that Abe will now have an even harder time saving his fellow Mudokons. The dark mood and tension of the Oddworld might be hard on you if you are a newcomer to this environment. When this happens, take a break and use a PA Online Lottery bonus code to challenge your luck, then go back to being Abe with renewed energies.

For those of you that don’t own a PlayStation console, worry not, because once the timed console exclusive period is up, the game will make the jump at a later date. From what we’ve seen on similar cases, this does mean that a potential Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X version could take anything from six months to a year or more to see the light. Oddworld Inhabitants have promised “a big visual and cinematic leap that breaks new ground for Oddworld” and “intelligent new mechanics and twisted new devices” that poor Abe will have to fight.

Abe the Mudokon is an accidental hero turned leader of a growing revolution. When announcing the release date on State of the Play, Lorne Lanning, co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, explained:

We first met Abe in the first game of the quintology, Oddworld: New ā€˜nā€™ Tasty. Abe is a floor-waxer at Mullock the Glukkon’s RuptureFarms meat packing plant. He accidentally learns about Molluck’s plan to turn Mudokons into tasty treats. He wants to save himself, but he’s compelled to try to save everyone. His selfless act is the spark that sets the revolution ablaze.

But the history of Oddworld goes back in time much longer than that, to 1997 and the actual debut of the series with Abe’s Odddysee followed in 2001 by Munch’s Oddysee. The studio also developed two standalone titles: Abe’s Exoddus in 1998 and Stranger’s Wrath in 2005. They took a long pause after that and went back to reviving the series in 2011. The rebuild of the studio’s first game, Oddworld: New ā€˜nā€™ Tasty, was released in 2014.

After this reorganization, Soulstorm is the second game in a quintology, meaning three more games are planned in future years. The promise for Soulstorm is “a massive cinematic scale and weird and wonderful 2.9D environments filled with breathtaking visuals. 2.9D lets you venture into the world.” This is supposed to create greater scale and action and adds depth and immersion.

Abe is up to save more than 1,000 Mudokons. Many of them have powers and can help the hero solve puzzling puzzles. Their collective energy can be harnessed. Another task is scavenging for necessary resources by pickpocketing enemies, looting lockers, and sifting through trash cans. Abe has a mysterious and mystic power of possession that allows him to take control of his foes and use their strength and weapons against them. He can make possessed enemies activate locks and switches to gain entrance to restricted or hidden areas in the game.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the PlayStation 5 version of Oddworld: Soulstorm will be part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for April, which means that if you have an active subscription, you can get the game for free!

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