[Nintendo Switch] DARQ Complete Edition Review

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Surreal adventure DARQ Complete Edition from Feardemic and Unfold Games is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check our DARQ Complete Edition review!

In DARQ Complete Edition from Feardemic and Unfold Games, you’ll be taking on a surreal adventure through Lloyds dreams… which have, unfortunately, turned into an ongoing set of nightmares. All that he wants to do is to finally wake up from it all, but with every attempt, he only ends up sinking deeper and deeper into the nightmare world, visiting new locations, meeting new deadly creatures that are ready to end his existence.

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You’ll move Lloyd through each area by using the left analog stick, running by pressing in on the stick, or by pressing and holding down the ZR button. You can walk at a slower pace in stealth mode by pressing the Y button. The A button will be for performing actions, such as collecting items or to activate switches. Any items you collect will be sent to your inventory, which you can open up with the X button. Oh, and there will also be the option of walking on walls every now and then by pressing the B button .

To give you an idea of what type of puzzles you will find, allow me to discuss a sequence early in the game. Once you start to walk on the walls to try and find a way out of the nightmares, you will find a contraption that will require you to collect some gears so that you can get it up and running. While one of the gears is nearby, the others will be trickier to collect, since you’ll have to activate a handful of switches, use gravity to your advantage to complete a pair of puzzles, and then find a way back to said contraption.

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On top of the puzzles to solve, there will also be some nightmare creatures for you to avoid. Take, for example, the disturbing creatures that have a lamp for a head. You’ll have to sneak around while their lights are off, because if you move within their range when their light is on, they will instantly shoot you! Add the way the game makes good use of the HD Rumble of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and you have a creepy game that will make you jump every now and then.

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Since, as its name suggests, this is indeed DARQ Complete Edition, that means you will not only get the original game, but also a pair of DLC available at no extra cost: The Tower and The Crypt. Each one will feature a new set of stages for you to explore, with new mysteries, new puzzles to solve, more creepy creatures and, yes, more nightmare loops to conquer. Add some new gameplay mechanics, and you have a pair of fresh experiences to extend your time in the DARQ universe.

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I enjoyed my time playing DARQ Complete Edition. It’s creepy atmosphere and the game’s art style – along with the great use of black and white and how lighting is used to highlight parts of each section – will keep you going from start to finish. You’re looking at around 2-3 hours or so to complete the main campaign, with an extra couple of hours or so to complete both DLC extra levels. DARQ Complete Edition is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price.

This DARQ Complete Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Feardemic.

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