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Waves Out! from Crevice and Sony Interactive Entertainment is a single-player and couch versus arcade game on PS4. Learn more in our Waves Out! review!

Waves Out! is the latest release to emerge from the PlayStation Talents initiative from Sony Interactive Entertainment. In this game, you’ll be taking control of a robot named Magnetin that has a magnet above his head. As you can imagine, this game’s mechanics will rely heavily on magnets.

As you begin, you can select to play the optional tutorial, which left me with mixed feelings. Basically, Magnetin can use his magnet power by pressing the R1 button, making nearby orbs move towards him. The tutorial does a poor job of explaining the real core gameplay mechanics. While a good tutorial will force you to repeat each move so that you can understand what needs to be done, Waves Out! speeds through its tutorial and then calls it a day.

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You have to collect orbs by pressing the R1 button to power your magnet, and as the orbs touch you, they’ll change to your color (blue in single-player mode, or blue and red if you’re playing in couch versus). Your main goal is to take said orbs to the target goal. Some levels have more than one goal, with some of them awarding more points, which in multiplayer is the way to go if you want to win the match by being the first to hit 100 points or by being the player with the most points once time runs out.

The main issue I had with this game is how the magnetic power decreases very quickly. If you fail to release the trigger before the magnetic energy runs out, your robot will be stunned for a few seconds, and your orbs will most likely continue moving in the direction you were walking. This means that you can advance by increments of a few seconds at most and must then wait for the magnet to recharge. This is not fun, and unless you collect several of the magnet power-ups to increase how long you can activate the magnet, you won’t be enjoying your time with Waves Out!

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Each level is divided into different phases, and your objective is to deliver the minimum amount of orbs to the goal in the set time. Some goals are harder to reach, but you will be rewarded with more points for each orb that you can deposit there. The level design itself is uninspired, and each level is played more than once with some changes here and there to try and pass it off as an all-new stage. The presentation is also not what you’d expect from a PlayStation 4 game, with low-resolution textures and muted colors.

There are three modes to play: single-player, 1 versus 1, or Survival. For single-player, you can earn up to three stars if you can manage to complete the required points objectives. In versus mode, you’ll be playing against another player locally as you try to outscore them. You can steal the other player’s orbs and change them to your color, but you need to be careful because there’s a limit to how many orbs you can switch to your color, and you could end up bringing some of your opponent’s orbs into a goal, thus giving them some extra points. Finally, the Survival mode asks you to do the same thing – move orbs into the goals – but for every orb that you bring to the goal, you’ll get some extra seconds added to your overall time.

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Most trophies are awarded for clearing up the few different areas in single-player and for collecting all of the stars that can be obtained in each of them. There are also trophies awarded for obtaining a ton of points, for using hundreds of power-ups, and for taking on the few available modes so that you can complete a handful of miscellaneous objectives.

Waves Out! is not a fun experience on PlayStation 4. While the main gameplay mechanic does have potential, the way your magnetic powers run out so quickly and end up stunning your robot does not make for an enjoyable experience. The levels are uninspired, bland, and don’t offer much variety.

This Waves Out! review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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