[Nintendo Switch] Cape’s Escape Game Review

by EdEN, Owner

Cape’s Escape Game from AlignmentSharp is a short adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Cape’s Escape Room review!

Cape’s Escape Game from AlignmentSharp is a short adventure game on Nintendo Switch. As the name suggests, your objective will be to take on an escape room in which you find yourself locked-in. Search around to find the items that you will need to escape from the room. Some items can be used on their own, while others will need to be combined for them to work properly. You will also need to use the memo and a counter to make notes and count numbers to solve some of the puzzles.

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Why do you find yourself in this predicament? It seems you moved into a new apartment because the rent was really cheap, not stopping to think there must be a reason for it. As it turns out, the rent was so cheap because the place is haunted! The ghost’s name is Cape, and since he’s been trying to torment you since you moved in but it has not had the desired effect,

You’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, interacting with things and confirming your decision by pressing the B button. Be sure to check if the cursor’s speed feels right for you as you play since you can adjust it in the controller setting menu as needed. To check more details about the items you collect, press the ZR button. Once you complete all puzzles and manage to escape, you’ll finally be able to go on your date. When you return, you’ll realize that Cape didn’t really vanish, and he’ll b me ready to tease you again! At least he’ll offer up a bonus challenge for you: find 20 cards he’s hidden around the apartment!

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Cape’s Escape Game is a bite-sized point and click adventure that is available on Nintendo Switch at a budget price of only $3.00. If you’re a fan of escape room type games, then this is a good option that you can complete within an hour or so based on your experience with similar releases.

This Cape’s Escape Game review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by AlignmentSharp.

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