[Nintendo Switch] Cape’s Escape Game 2nd room Review

by EdEN, Owner

Sequel Cape’s Escape Game 2nd room is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Cape’s Escape Game 2nd room review!

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In the prequel Cape’s Escape Game from AlignmentSharp, the protagonist had moved into a very cheap apartment that was, unfortunately, haunted by the titular ghost. After managing to find all the items and clues needed to solve the different puzzles presented by Cape, he got to escape the room so that he could go on his date. Because of all this, he started to save up some money so that he could finally move out of the haunted apartment to a new place to live.

For some reason, the rent in this new place is also very low, but since it took him a while to be able to save enough money to move, he thinks nothing of how low the rent is at the new place. Can you guess what happens next? That’s right, Cape is also haunting this new location and has once again trapped the protagonist. Cape was worried about the protagonist, so he casually followed him to his new place. He says that an evil ghost was haunting this location but that he immediately kicked him out before it could hurt the protagonist. As a thank you, he now expects you to participate in his new escape game!

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The controls remain the same as last time, which means you’ll be moving a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, pressing the B button to click on objects to get a closer look as you search for clues, or collecting items that you’ll use to solve puzzles. Sometimes you’ll have to combine items in your inventory to make something new – such as, say, a set of cookie molds to bake some delicious cookies for solving a pair of puzzles. You have a memo to keep notes in, as well as a counter for any numerical clues you need to remember. If you’re stuck, you can always check for a hint as needed.

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Just like the first game, Cape’s Escape Game 2nd Room is a bite-sized adventure that you can complete in an hour at most between the main game’s puzzles, and the second go you can have at it when you complete it. Unlike last time, which only required you to look around each location to find the missing Cape cards, the sequel asks you to complete some extra puzzles as well before you can find all 20 photos of Cape. Cape’s Escape Game 2nd Room is out on Nintendo Switch with a $4.90 asking price.

This Cape’s Escape Game 2nd Room review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by AlignmentSharp.

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