Looking at the History of Casino Gaming on PlayStation

by Palabar

One of the most pleasing aspects of the PlayStation family is the huge range of games that are available to choose from. No matter what you want, it’s usually covered on PS4 and PS5!

Whether it’s sports, action, simulation, or adventure, there’s plenty of choice. However, when it comes to casino gaming, the options are limited on the console. If you want to get your fix of the classic games, you have to head to operators like Paddy Power to play online blackjack.

On your phone, tablet, or laptop, you’re never far away from being able to load up a game. But, that hasn’t always been the case on PlayStation, with casino gaming not being very prominent over the years.

However, there have been a few classic games that you could play, and here we will look at three you could try out, as well as assessing if this will change in the future.

Red Dead Redemption

Admittedly this is by no means a game that centers only on casino gameplay, but it’s an all-time classic video game that features saloon poker. You get the chance to make the bets and test yourself as you try to raise funds to help you on your journey, although you could lose money as well, which makes it tense and exciting. It’s certainly one aspect that makes Red Dead Redemption a must-play on PlayStation, and the fact the latest release from Rockstar brought in over £550m worth of sales in the first weekend shows players enjoy it!

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Now, this is a game that is totally dedicated to everything to the casino experience. It’s a 3D social casino multiplayer game, which will allow you to go from table to table trying to win at all the classics. Roulette, blackjack, craps, slots, and poker. You name it, they’ve got it!

The challenge will be to prove yourself by winning games, enabling you to push up the leaderboards in the game and searching for the in-game prizes that come with it. It’s a title dedicated to the classic casino aesthetic, so it stands out and should appeal to those of you who enjoy the genre.

F2P Options

Prominence Poker

If poker is your thing, then Prominence Poker is a game that you should check out. Developed by 505 Studio, it gives you the chance to play the different variations of the popular game, allowing you to taste the real casino experience thanks to the excellent graphics and realistic gameplay.

What does the future hold?

With the aforementioned games having released several years ago, it’s fair to say that there haven’t been many new developments for casino games on the PS family. Will this change soon now that the PlayStation 5 is out in full?

With a healthy casino gaming industry, one would assume that the casino experience would play a part on the PS5, and perhaps the revamped take on GTA 5 – with its Diamond Casino and Resort – can prove this to be a viable path for developers on Sony’s latest console.

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