Castle Kong Out Today

by EdEN, Owner

2D arcade-style platformer Castle Kong from Drowning Monkeys Games is releasing today on the Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Classic Arcade Retro Action!
Castle Kong is our homage to what we consider the best game ever made.


What makes the golden age of arcade gaming so fun is a simple concept: 1 coin (Meaning no restarts or additional lives. there are no actual or virtual coins for the Nintendo Switch™ version of the game), 3 lives. play till you die or hit the kill screen, and set a high score.

And that’s what Castle Kong is all about. Just like the game it’s based on, CK will be a ruthless, 4 stage, 22 level romp! You play PauperBoy, a young kid who sets out to save PrincessGirl from the evil clutches of BaronMan.

Unlike it’s predecessors, we leverage the power of connectivity to host tournaments (with a championship!), verify high scores, and have a global leaderboard.

And As Always,
if anyone’s interested, a kill screen is coming up.

We’ll be working on a review for Castle Kong from Drowning Monkeys Games, so be sure to stick around at!

Castle Kong Review - 4

Castle Kong Review - 3

Castle Kong Review - 2

Castle Kong Review - 1

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