[Unboxing] Death Squared From 1PrintGames

by EdEN, Owner

Are you ready for a new unboxing? Then check out our new one for Death Squared from 1Print Games!

I previously got a chance to do an unboxing for Kero Blaster, as well as for Ittle Dew, from 1PrintGames, and now it’s time to out the company’s third release: Death Squared! Death Squared from SMG Studio is a puzzle game about cooperation, communication… and exploding robots! The game has been revamped with a new update that was released in 2019, which expands Death Squared with new levels, new game modes, and color-blind options. All of this is now included in the physical cartridge in the 1PrintGames release featured today!

What’s included with your purchase of Death Squared? Along with the authenticity card that marks your number out of the very limited 1,500 physical copies, there are other goodies to check out.

Unlike the other two games from 1PrintGames, this one includes a physical copy of Death Squared, the limited-edition themed sticker, a Death Square Testing Manual, and an acrylic keychain for the Death Squared bots.

The Testing Manual is an oversized manual that doubles as an art book for Death Squared, which is why the game’s box does not include a separate, smaller manual inside.

The Testing Manual includes a message from the developer, info on the traps and objects you’ll find in the game, as well as a gallery for the production art and other design docs used in the creation of the game.

The acrylic keychain featuring the four square bots is certainly a nice bonus.

There are only a few copies of Death Squared available from 1Print Games, and given that this particular release is limited to only 1,500 physical copies, it’s one you won’t want to miss out on buying!

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