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TOHU from Fireart Games and The Irregular Corporation is a gorgeous and charming adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our TOHU review!

In TOHU from Fireart Games and The Irregular Corporation, you’ll be taking on a new adventure game on Nintendo Switch that will certainly grab your attention right from the start, thanks to its charming main character, gorgeous art style, and fun gameplay mechanics. You’ll be controlling a little girl as you explore each location, interacting with your surroundings, and transforming into her mighty alter-ego, Cubus. Cubus is a powerful, mechanical creature, which is very strong, which makes it possible for it to lift heavy objects.

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The main character lives in a fish-planet where everything was nice and peaceful until a mysterious light shines upon it, and a hooded creature starts to wreak havoc. This individual ends up damaging the mighty Sacred Engine, shattering it. You must set out to find Juncle to help fix the Sacred Engine before it’s too late. Unfortunately, he lives on a different fish-planet that is far away, so off you go on an adventure to locate a vehicle that can take you there.

You can move around by using the left analog stick to move the cursor on the screen so that you can point at different points of interest or things with it, clicking with the A button to interact. You can also zoom in and zoom out with the L and R buttons so that you can take a closer look at each area. There’s also the option of playing TOHU by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if you’re enjoying this release on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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You can click on the clipboard next to the menu icon on the upper right part of the screen to review your goals so that you can always know what your next step should be. When you first check this, you’ll notice that the first goal was to check the Sacred Engine, which you’ve now confirmed has been damaged. After this, your next goal is to procure a stone that was taken away by a mosquito-like creature.

Inside of the clipboard is another two tabs that are also important. Under the Collection, you can find the different cards you’ve drawn for the many creatures you will meet during your journey, marking the different milestones you’ve completed. The next tab is the Hint tab. As its name suggests, the Hint tab will provide you with clues for what you need to do next in order to complete the goal at hand. Once you complete a short mini-game, a series of image hints will pop, giving you a better idea of what you should work on completing.

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The important items that you obtain will be added to your backpack, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen. If you ever need to check its contents, just move the cursor on top of it and press the A button, or just tap it on the touchscreen if you’re using touch controls. The first item you’ll obtain is the aforementioned missing stone, which you will grab after completing a short puzzle segment.

As to not spoil things too much – because TOHU is an adventure game and this is a genre known for its fun puzzles to solve -, I’ll only talk about said first stone puzzle. Once you move the girl to the next area to the left of the Sacred Machine, you will notice there’s some sort of contraption on the left side of the screen, as well as a lever. Interact with the lever, and the girl will pull it, activating the contraption. You’ll notice it has a conveyor belt, and as you move to the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll also see a pair of large metal objects that can probably be useful.

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Once you switch into Cubus, you can grab and carry around the large metal pipe on the ground so that you can take it to the conveyor belt so that it goes into the contraption. This will make the stone fall from the nest of the mosquito-like creature, but it will be stuck just out of your reach. Luckily, there’s a huge weight that you can now reach, since the pipe that was in front of it is no more. Grab the large weight as Cubus, throw it into the contraption, and the jolt to the machine will be good enough to dislodge the stone, dropping it on the ground. Click on it, and you’ll add it to your inventory! Now all you have to do is walk to the right towards the initial screen, open your inventory, drag and drop the stone into place, and you’ll be ready to take on the next puzzle.

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TOHU is a fun and charming adventure game that you’re going to love on Nintendo Switch. It’s a gorgeous adventure that will grab you right from the start, with it’s classic, old-school point and click gameplay mechanics, with a soundtrack that does a great job of complementing the experience. TOHU is out on the 28th on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price, and if you act fast, you can get a 10% pre-purchase discount.

This TOHU review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by The Irregular Corporation.

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