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Hamster Bob from SONKA is a fun educational coloring game for young kids. Learn more about it in our Hamster Bob review!

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Hamster Bob from SONKA is a fun educational coloring game for young kids. Your adventure will begin by coloring a house. First, you’ll need to color the house’s outline, which will glow to make it easier to follow. After this, you’ll color the house’s door, then the windows, then move to the ceiling. The house is the easier one of the bunch – although none of the coloring segments are hard -, and after that, you’ll be coloring many other things, such as a duck, a tree, an apple, a camera, a rabbit, a watering can, a carrot, a tomato, a dog, a signpost, a piece of candy, and more. For every item that you color, you will get a sticker. This sticker will allow you to revisit any of the completed items so that you can take another go at it.

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You can customize the look of Bob by checking out the different items you can use for his head, face, body, and feet. These are split into different categories, such as builder, partytime, beach, fairy, king, student, pirate, cook, Indian, miner, policeman, fireman, charwoman, nurse, mechanic, baby, baseball, basketball, knight, robin hood, scientist, beekeeper, skater, and vintage. You can mix and match items from the different categories, so you could end up with a hamster wearing a red cap, pink party glasses, a pirate sword in one hand, a baseball bat in the other, a police badge, a pair of miner boots, and a pair of fairy wings.

Hamster Bob Review - Customization

The hamster has to eat, which is why you must change tabs to the meal packages section so that you can see what you have available in the vegetables, orchard fruits, candies, blue fruits, red fruits, tropical fruits, and citrus fruits. You can check on Bob from the main menu by moving the cursor on top of him and then pressing the A button. There’s one tab for the customization options and another one for the food. Below Bob will be a bar that will represent how full he is – along with a message below it that will make it extra clear. Whenever he’s hungry, switch to the food tab and give him, say, a nice carrot to make him happy.

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Hamster Bob is an educational coloring game aimed at young kids, and it does a good job at being a fun experience, offering many objects to color – as well as some additional activities here and there -, all for a low price. Hamster Bob is out on Nintendo Switch for a budget $4.99 price.

This Hamster Bob review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by SONKA.

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