[PS4] My Aunt Is A Witch Review

by EdEN, Owner

My Aunt is a Witch from Sometimes You is a point and click visual novel adventure game on PS4 with a magical, supernatural twist! Learn more in our My Aunt is a Witch review!

In My Aunt is a Witch from Sometimes You, you’ll be taking on a point and click visual novel adventure on PlayStation 4 in which you’ll be taking on the role of a boy named Thomas. Thomas has a difficult life, which certainly does not improve when his father remarries, and his new stepmom just can’t stand her new stepson. The good news is that his life is about to change thanks to an unexpected trip to his aunt’s house. He hasn’t been there in a while, and the many things that will happen during his visit will change things forever!

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His aunt’s name is Alice, and she has a very peculiar cat that talk, as well as many magical items lying around the house in the different rooms that you’ll explore. And yes, as the game’s title suggests, Alice, who as we mentioned before is Thomas’s aunt, is indeed a witch! You’ll be taking on a series of tasks from your aunt, such as collecting ingredients for a special potion, which you’ll then have to make by completing a short mini-game that asks that you press the D-Pad in one of four directions in an increasingly longer sequence.

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You’ll need to keep track of the items that are requested of you as you play. Whichever important item you collect will be added to your inventory, from which you’ll be able to examine them, or use them to solve the different puzzles you’ll face. There are also different spots in the game during which you’ll have to make a choice. Said choices will affect how the story develops, and some of them might even take you down to a game over path. Do you trust the rather sketchy looking tree on the wall that is asking for a very small favor? What if its intentions are not what they seem?

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While My Aunt is a Witch does have a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you, given the game’s nature, you do need to be aware of how there are several missable trophies on this list. You should make good use of your save files, because there are some points in the game where you’ll have to make a choice or two during specific story segments. Choose poorly, and Thomas will die, leading to a game over. The good news is that you’ll at least get a trophy for your mistakes – more on these in a bit. Speaking of trophies, My Aunt is a Witch includes a full list with a Platinum trophy, and as long as you’re careful with your save files, you can get all trophies with one full run and one third of a run after reloading a save file (hint, save before picking up the teddy bear in your room!).

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This My Aunt is a Witch review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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