Evolution Board Game Out Today On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Evolution Board Game from North Star Digital Studios is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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In Evolution, you adapt your species to survive, and stay one step ahead of opponents.

*Watering hole running dry? Evolve a long neck to reach food in the trees.
*Staring down a Carnivore? Develop a hard shell to protect you.
*Opponent has too many species? Time to go on the attack yourself by adapting into a Carnivore.

“#1 Digital Board Game of the Year” -Ars Technica
“Best Digital Board Game of the Year” -Vulture

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Evolution Board Game Features:

*21 game Single Player Campaign with distinct AI opponents

*Online Multiplayer with skill based Matchmaking

*Asynchronous Play, Friend system and Chat

*Progression ladder and online rankings let you see your improvement

*Pass and Play

*Weekly Challenges test your skill

*Interactive Tutorial

*Gorgeous Hand drawn Species to Discover

We’ll be working on a review for Evolution Board Game from North Star Digital Studios, so be sure to stick around at PS4Blog.net!

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Evolution Board Game Nintendo Switch Review - 4

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