[Beyond PlayStation] Linelight Review

by MrMitchGeorge

Can Linelight be more than a one-dimensional experience and make the most of its chance in the spotlight? Find out in our Linelight review!

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Linelight for the Nintendo Switch is a 1D puzzle game from developer My Dog Zorro and publisher Plug In Digital. Presentation is minimal, the soundtrack is sublime, and this is an incredibly zen experience. You control a bar of light that you must help so that it can navigate through an impressive number of unique levels. Is there enough depth to this one-dimensional puzzle game to lift it above the rest on Nintendo’s console? Certainly!

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Controls in Linelight are as simple as they can get. You move the bar of light along a pre-defined path. That’s it. There are instances where you need to use the Y or B button to interact with new types of light bars, but for the most part, your only interaction in this game will be for moving the light bar. There are six worlds with over 200 levels to play, and each one uses the limitations of Linelight to build some very interesting puzzles. Levels are packed with collectibles and secrets for you to discover, which extends the overall experience. Different enemy types are introduced as you progress, which will have you learning their movement patterns to find the right way to tackle them.

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For a minimalist puzzle game, there is a surprising amount of depth to how the story of Linelight unfolds. Linelight makes you care about small bars of light! There are some puzzles that feel cooperative where you’re helping an enemy along a parallel path. There are a lot of different scenarios that are presented here that are very interesting given the limited palette. Linelight uses its soundtrack to set a serene mood throughout the experience. There is a great sense of reward when you FINALLY figure out the small intricacies to this or that puzzle.

Linelight Nintendo Switch Review - 4

Linelight does something very special with very little. It’s a game I had not heard about before, and one that I could have missed out on playing, but that’s something I’ll now set to rectify, as I champion this title. The puzzles can get really challenging, but Linelight does a phenomenal job of introducing simple mechanics before breaking your brain with their novel uses. If you are at all a fan of puzzle games with a minimalist presentation, then do no sleep on Linelight. This one came out of nowhere and blew my socks off, and it’s available for a very affordable $9.99.

This Linelight review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.

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