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Do you have what it takes to make the best pizza so that your customers are happy? Then Good Pizza, Great Pizza from PM Studio might be the one for you. Check out our Good Pizza, Great Pizza review!

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza from PM Studios you’ll be taking on your very own pizza restaurant as you set to take the pizza world by storm. You’ll need to make the best pizza possible while staying within your budget so that you can still make a reasonable but fair profit with your new business. Oh, and you’ll also need to worry about dealing with Alicante, who can best be described as your pizza rival.

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As you start your run with Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you’ll be given the option of jumping straight into the game, or taking on the included tutorial that will show you the basics. For this, you’ll need to make a simple pizza with sauce and cheese, and you’ll learn about the control mechanics. You’ll first press the A button to spread the pizza dough, so that you can then select the sauce with the right analog stick and the A button. By holding down the A button and moving the left analog stick, you’ll get to spread the sauce over the dough – you can also press the ZL button to slow down the cursor. You’ll do the same with the cheese – and any other unlocked ingredients – before you can send your pizza into the oven with the R button.

You do need to be aware of the cost of each pizza you make, since every bit of sauce, cheese, and other ingredients that you add will come out of your pocket! You can check your current money total on the upper right hand of the screen, so that you can see how much each little bit of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, etc. is actually costing you during the whole process. You can’t be too generous with your ingredients, but you also shouldn’t stiff your customers! Once the pizza has been cooked, pick up the cutter with the A button so that you can cut it into six slices. Rotate the cutter with the left analog stick, press the A button to slice through, and pack your pizza!

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Once you’re taking care of fulfilling the orders from real customers, you’ll need to keep in mind the request they present for each particular order. In case you forget what has been asked for each pizza in particular, you can press the X button to review your notes so that you can get a refresher on things. If someone asks for a pizza with no fancy toppings, that means you’ll need to make a pizza with nothing but sauce and cheese on top of it.

If you want to speed things up during your time with Good Pizza, Great Pizza, so that your customers remain happy by getting their order as fast as possible, you can spend some of your in-game money to oil your oven, so that you can get a temporary speed boost. Keeping customers happy will be crucial for your business, since it will be the best way for you to not only get returning customers, but also to get some extra money by way of tips!

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This will be crucial since, at the end of the day, you’ll get a look at the revenue made and how many tips you got, from which rent and the supplies used for making the pizzas will be subtracted. After this, you’ll be left with the total profit made for the day. If you want to take a closer look at things, you can press the X button to expand or collapse the sections that have more information. Knowing how much you spent on, say, dough, sauce, and cheese for the regular pizzas you made will allow you to know if you need to cut back on some of the ingredients to stay in the green.

The in-game money you earn will also need to be spent on a variety of things so that you can make your business grow, bringing in more and more customers each day! The first extra topping you can get is pepperoni, which you’ll be able to unlock at no extra cost. After that, you can spend money on unlocking sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions and bell peppers as additional toppings. Along with these, you can also purchase upgrades to make it easier to earn some extra revenue.

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The upgrades will include tables so that the customer spawn rate is boosted, having longer days so that you can make more pizzas, slowing the happy meter so that you have more time to make each pizza, having a handy toppings guide always who up so that you can make each pizza the best it can be, and even a speedy oven that will cook pizzas faster! The speedy oven is going to be the most expensive upgrade, but it will probably be the one that make the biggest difference in the long run.

Every now and then you might also need to spend some money on making repairs so that your business can remain in the best shape it can be, so be sure to always keep this in mind! Oh, and you can also purchase new decorations for your establishment. Some of them will require that you spend money, while others will ask that you exchange the coins you earn from your performance. Decorations are split into items such as neon signs, a gumball machine, a jukebox, a T.V., arcade machines, or a variety of plants. You can also decorate with posters, change the patterns of the walls or the walls, or spend money or coins on pizza boxes with new colors or designs.

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You will soon get a MyPad, which will allow you to take on quests as well as complete achievements so that you can get some extra money or coins. A quest could be something as simple as serving 12 of any type of pizza, and you should always take on every quest that you get so that you can earn some extra money. Achievements will reward you with extra coins, and will include objectives such as earning $50, getting no refunds for a day, keeping all customers happy for a day, unlocking three upgrades, or playing the game for three days in a row, to name some examples.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fun and colorful pizza making sim experience on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. The game can be played at your own pace, since as you unlock more ingredients orders will start to get a bit more complicated. As you get more ingredients, you should also make a habit of asking customers at least once about what it is that they want for their pizza, just to make sure you avoid getting any refunds. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This Good Pizza, Great Pizza review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by PM Studios.

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