Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Out On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Rude Ghost Games and Skymap Games have released puzzler/dating sim Pixel Puzzle Makeout League on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Solve pixel puzzles, date superheroes, and save the day! Dating sim meets puzzle game in this romantic comedy adventure.
You are Pixel Girl, a superhero with the power of “pixel puzzle-solving.” Turn your problems into nonograms, then solve ’em to save the day!

Join the Puzzle League and date up to four of your fellow puzzle-themed superheroes, before the Villain third-wheels you with his doomsday plot!

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Nintendo Switch Review - 4

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Features:

• Dating sim meets puzzle game in this heartfelt superhero adventure

• Join and date the Puzzle League: a group of 4 superheroes based on crossword, sudoku, chess and jigsaw puzzles

• Over 250 pixel puzzles to solve: your superpowers make puzzles a part of the narrative

• A supernatural plot weaving in multiple dates with each character

• Exotic date locations: a café, the library, mountain climbing, and the center of the earth?!

• Twists, turns, thrills, chills, puzzle fun, and puzzle puns! It’s not over until the ending!

• D A T E A G I A N T P U Z Z L E P I E C E

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Review - 1


• Sudoku: the most logical of the group, magical girl outfit was made by a friend

• Chess: careful planner, but tends to think in black-and-white

• Pixel Girl (that’s you!): surrounded by cuties and blessed with the power of attraction

• Crossword: rarely gets cross, always has a way with words

• Piecea: an alien from the Puzzle Planet who wants to get handsy with you… wait…

We’re working on a review for Pixel Puzzle Makeout League on Nintendo Switch from Rude Ghost Games and Skymap Games

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Review - 2

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Switch Review - 3

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