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by EdEN, Owner

In Save Koch, you will play as a mafia Godfather stuck in his panic room after everyone turns on him. Can you survive? Find out in our Save Kock review!

In Save Koch from Wooden Monkeys and OverGamez, you will play as mafia Godfather Jeff Koch, who ends up holed up in his panic room after a series of treasons take place, with a bunch of people double and triple crossing him, pretty much putting a bounty on his head. You will need to find out who your enemies are, as well as who are the moles within your organization. Luckily a group of your mercenaries managed to get you to the panic room before it was too late, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be running out of time and dying if you don’t act fast!

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You have seven days to live and will need to use your available resources to try and find out who’s behind all of this. You’ll get calls on your phone and will have a tablet to check for new information and for the actions you will take. Each run you do will be randomized, so the way you need to go about solving the mystery and saving your life will be a little bit different here and there. You will need to pay attention, check your board to mark the suspects you’ve found and go with your hunches to find the solution to your problem.

You will be answering the phone when it starts to ring by pressing the X button. Once you’ve answered a call, you’ll get to pick from different dialogue options here and there to move the story forward. The tablet can be accessed with the ZR button, and it’s from there that you will get to pick the associates that will be your eyes and ears on the streets. Each one will have a set of special skills that you can put to good use, and more potential associates will unlock as you progress through the game.

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Your associates can be sent to investigate and complete the random objectives that will pop up. Each objective will favor some skills over others, so be sure to read the description so that you can send the right animal for the job. Objectives will require a set amount of time to complete and will require at least one associate to work on them, which means you won’t be able to take on all objectives in every run that you do. While you wait, you might need to call one of your underlings to, say, fix some tech issues with your board.

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The board is where all of the clues you find will end up, so be sure to check it with the ZL button. It’s there that you will find more information on your associates, as well as the underlings still under your command. After gathering some information, you can decide to act upon the clues you’ve collected since whoever put this hit on you deserves no mercy. Just be sure you’re sending your team after the right animal because you’re basically going to be asking for them to be neutralized – that is, killed.

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Save Koch is a game that is not going to appeal to all gamers since you’ll be moving between a map of the city on your tablet, your clue board, and making or taking phone calls in your panic room, with all of the action taking place behind the scenes as you send your associates to complete some of the different objectives that will pop up during your final days. Actions have consequences, and you’ll need to act to keep things hidden from the public. One of your associates died during an errand? Then you might need to kill their widow before she rats you out. Do you protect your business or your daughter?

This Save Koch review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by OverGamez.

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