[Unboxing] The Gardens Between Collector’s Edition

by EdEN, Owner

Super Rare Games and Voxel Games worked together on a gorgeous Collector’s Edition for The Gardens Between, which you can check out in today’s unboxing!

The Gardens Between from indie team The Voxel Agents is a gorgeous, 1980s infused puzzle adventure that shines on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fun game in which you’ll be taking on cleverly designed and highly detailed 3D dioramas that you will explore and rotate as different elements around you come to life. It’s a memorable experience in which you’ll get to control the flow of time as friends Ariana and Frendt set out on an outstanding journey that is a must-play on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Super Rare Games decided to work on a Collector’s Edition for The Gardens Between that would do the game justice, as their second Collector’s Edition, following the excellent boxed set they did for Earthlock. What’s in the box? A lot of cool stuff that will please collectors! The box itself does a great job of showcasing the excellent art direction for The Gardens Between, but once you open it, the fun starts!

The first thing you’ll notice is a folded A3 poster, which shows Ariana and Frendt about to enter a large island with many of cherry blossoms and what seems to be an old-school computer monitor.

Right below that is an A4 sized sheet with a papercraft model you can build a Jumper by using the power of a pair of scissors and lots of folding, so that you can turn what’s on the right side of the sheet into the model that you can see on the left side.

Lift the A4 sheet, and you’ll see the game and the hardcover art book! The game, as expected, houses The Gardens Between Nintendo Switch cartridge, a full-color 20 page manual, as well as some bonus art on the inside cover.

The art book goes deep into the whole design of The Gardens Between, the items you’ll be interacting with, the different locations you’ll visit, the puzzle you’ll solve, and more. I’m a big fan of video game art books, and bonus points go to The Voxel Agents and Super Rare Games for making this 64 page art book a hardcover.

Below the game and the hardcover art book are the complementary Super Rare Games sticker – which each of these stickers being made specifically for the game they’re included with – a The Gardens Between sticker, a full set of The Garden Between trading cards, two pins that are exclusive to this Collector’s Edition, as well as the game’s physical soundtrack!

The soundtrack for this Collector’s Edition for The Gardens Between includes not one but two CDs, with all music created by Australian musician Tim Shiel and his friends.

As you can see, this is an excellent boxed set that would look great on your shelf, and if you hurry up, you can get one of the remaining copies for The Garden’s Between Collector’s Edition straight from Super Rare Games.

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