[Unboxing] Graceful Explosion Machine

by EdEN, Owner

You liked our last unboxing, so its time to once again check out what Super Rare Games has sent our way. Are you ready for our unboxing for Graceful Explosion Machine?

Graceful Explosion Machine from Vertex Pop is a highly addictive, fast-paced, and action-packed, colorful 2D game that was originally released as a Nintendo Switch timed exclusive. I got a chance to review the game on PlayStation 4 and I had a lot of fun with this stylized release, so I was definitely very happy when Super Rare Games sent over a copy of Graceful Explosion on Nintendo Switch!

The game arrived in a small box, inside of a bubble wrap bag for some extra protection. The first step was to remove the small Super Rare Games sticker that was used to close the bubble wrap bag. Inside of the bubble wrap bag were the physical version of Graceful Explosion Machine, a pack of trading cards, and the Super Rare Games sticker for this particular game.

This limited print run physical release includes Graceful Explosion Machine on a Nintendo Switch cartridge, full-color interior art, and a full-color manual.

The full-color manual includes some great examples of the art you will find in the game itself, as well as the information one would expect from a game manual, such as the control options, as well as a look at the different weapons you’ll be able to use against your enemies.

As for the trading card pack? Each time you buy a game from Super Rare Games, you will get a trading card pack with three randomly inserted cards, out of a total of five potential unique cards. If you want to increase your odds of getting a full set for that particular game, you can purchase the very limited card packs that are up for grabs along with every release, or you can go all-in and get the Collector’s Edition for a game, as has been the case for Earthlock, The Gardens Between – for which you can check our unboxing right here –, The Sexy Brutale, and Dandara, since each Collector’s Edition comes with a full set of trading cards.

Oh, and these are the cards I got in my trading card pack.

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