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by EdEN, Owner

We’ll be working on a review for Foregone, so I got in touch with Big Blue Bubble to talk about the game and its development. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good afternoon! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Can you please help us get started by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Good afternoon to you as well, the pleasure is all mine! I’m Michael Hammond, and I work at Big Blue Bubble, the developer behind the upcoming game Foregone. We’re an indie game studio in London, Canada, which has been making games for almost 18 years now. I’ve been with Big Blue Bubble for just over four years now, and I’m responsible for helping to spread the word about our newest gameForegone!

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PS4B: On that note, Foregone is ready to go on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. How would you describe the game to someone who’s never heard about it?

Foregone is ready to go not only on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch but also on Xbox and PC via the Epic Games Store! To someone who’s never heard of the game before, I’d describe the game as being an action-RPG meets a retro platformer.

With Foregone, we wanted to create a game that reminded us of the games we grew up playing. We wanted to create a single-player platforming adventure, not unlike games like Prince of Persia or Castlevania, but wanted to give it a more modern feeling. The introduction of loot mechanics with a permanent progression, similar to that of Diablo, was how we thought we could differentiate ourselves and create a recognizable yet new gameplay experience, one that I hope people will enjoy!

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PS4B: How long did it take to develop Foregone? Were there any hurdles or challenges to overcome when bringing the game from concept to life?

Development started on Foregone about two and a half years ago. As with any game, there’s going to be hurdles or challenges to overcome. For us, we saw some of those challenges were in the balance of the game to get it to a place that felt challenging but not frustratingly difficult. Fortunately, by demoing the game at conventions such as PAX and taking feedback during early access on the Epic Games Store, we were able to work directly with players to find a balance that felt fair and rewarding.

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PS4B: With Foregone all set for its console release, is the studio currently working on any new projects that might find their way to PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

This is our first console game in quite a while, and although we have nothing to announce at this time, I’ll say that we’re always tinkering with new ideas and have greatly enjoyed diving back into development on consoles.

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PS4B: And now it’s time for us to go. Is there something else you’d like to add before we end this one?

Foregone releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on October 13th! It’s a really fun game that I can’t wait for people to get their hands on. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge, I’ll leave you with this; my favorite weapon in the game is the Gunchuk.

As its name suggests, it is part gun, part Nunchuk!

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