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Jet Set Knights from FobTi interactive and Ratalaika Games is a 2D single-screen action platformer with tower defense elements in which you’ll have to protect a princess in each of the areas you visit. Learn more in our Jet Set Knights review!

Jet Set Knights from Ratalaika Games and FobTi Interactive is a 2D single-screen action platformer with some tower defense elements in which your goal is simple: protect Princess Kitty at the bottom of the screen for each of the different areas you’ll get to visit. Monster will pop in through portals at the upper part of the screen, and they will make their way down each floor at a steady pace. You must run, jump and attack them before they reach the bottom floor, since if they attack the Princess, you will have to start over. You can take on this adventure on your own, or enjoy some fun local co-op.

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The controls for Jet Set Knights are easy to pick. You will move your knight left and right with the left analog stick, quickly dashing with the Circle button, and jumping with the X button. You can attack enemies with the Square button, dealing damage with every hit until you can destroy them. If you press and hold down the Square button, you can charge up your special power. To build up a wall or a magic tower, you need to find a build spot and then press down on the left analog stick.

To build a wall to protect Princess Kitty at the bottom floor of the stage, you will need to have enough resources – same goes for magic towers! Walls will be built with pieces of wood, while magic towers will require hard pieces of stone. You will start to play through each stage with set units for both resources, so be sure to quickly place walls around Princess Kitty, and place at least a couple of magic towers to help you deal with enemies! More resources will pop up in the stage at steady intervals, so be sure to grab them so that you can rebuild any lost walls or magic towers, or to build more magic towers!

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You will start with just the one stage to play, as well as a daily bonus to collect, and a slots mini-game in which you can spend the large tokens you collect from completing the extra objectives that Princess Kitty will have for you – things like defeat X number of enemies with Y weapon. When you manage to beat the boss for one stage, you will get to unlock a new stage to play. You might not be able to beat a boss the first time you fight it, since you’ll first need to learn its movement and attack patterns, and you might not have enough health left to survive the battle.

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Trophy-wise, Jet Set Knights has a full trophy list for you work on, so that you can add a new Platinum trophy to your growing collection. As for the objectives you will need to complete to add some extra trophies to your total count as you work towards unlocking that Platinum, you will have to build 20 towers, defeat the five bosses in the game, destroy 600 monsters, collect 1,000 coins, shoot 500 arrows, shoot 250 ice arrows, shoot 250 fire arrows, as well as die a total of 20 times. Depending on how you do with each run of a stage, after you beat the fifth boss, you might still be missing the trophy for firing 250 fire arrows, which shouldn’t take more than an extra 10 minutes at most. Just know that the trophies for shooting hundreds of arrows might not pop until you die!

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Jet Set Knights from Ratalaika Games and FobTi interactive is a fun 2D old-school infused single-screen action platformer with some light tower defense elements thrown in. The game has a Platinum trophy, and it’s out now on PlayStation 4 with a $9.99 asking price.

This Jet Set Knights review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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