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Golf Zero from Ratalaika Games and Colin Lane & Brad Erkkila is a fun 2D platformer mixed with golf. Learn more in our Golf Zero review!

You might remember Brad Erkkila and Ratalaika Games previously gave us the fun 2D platformer Castle Pals, and now we’re getting Golf Zero from Ratalaika Games and Colin Lane & Brad Erkkila, you will take on a 2D platformer with golf elements. That’s right, you’ll be running and jumping as you use your golfing might to take up to three shots per stage as you try to send at least one ball down that course’s hole. Make a mistake, and you’ll be able to quickly restart that level to give it another go.

You’ll move your very yellow square character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad to run around each golf course, jumping with the X button. Once you press the Circle button, everything around you will go into slow motion, as a circle with an arrow appears around your character. The arrow will move around the circle in a clockwise manner, and wherever the arrow is pointing, that is where you’ll shoot that ball. As mentioned before, you can do this up to three times on each stage.

Golf Zero Review -2

You don’t need to get a hole in one to beat a stage, but the better you do, the better your grade for that level. If you do get a hole in one and also pop the red balloon for that stage, then you’ll get the best score possible, which means that if you want to 100% Golf Zero, then you’ll have to pop the balloon of every stage while also shooting one of the balls into the hole with the flag. Things will start on the easy side as the game allows you to get used to the basics, but you’ll soon get to experience a ramp-up in difficulty.

Golf Zero PS4 Review - 3

While, at first, you’d probably think that you need to still be alive by the time you get a ball into the level’s hole, this is actually not the case for Golf Zero. You can jump to your death into a large body of water – because of course, your character can’t swim -, slow down the action, aim your shot, hit a ball and have it land inside of the hole, and you’ll be ready to carry on towards the next stage.

This one from Ratalaika Games has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy to add to your collection, which should take you around an hour or so to add to your collection. It’s a short list with nothing but Gold trophies on your path, and as long as you complete all of the first 41 levels in the game, you’ll get that Platinum trophy. Since you can select any of the stages to replay them, there are no missable trophies in this one. There’s only one trophy to keep in mind, which asks that you finish level 9 with a hole in one.

Golf Zero PlayStation 4 Review - 4

Golf Zero is a fun 2D game that mixes platforming with golf gameplay mechanics, and it has a good difficulty curve as the game introduces new elements – such as having to complete a stage by using a cart – and new hazards to avoid on your path to success. Golf Zero is out on PlayStation 4 with a budget price of only $4.99.

This Golf Zero review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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