[PlayStation 4] Flying Soldiers Review

by EdEN, Owner

Flying Soldiers from indie studio Wildsphere is a fun puzzle game with birds as its main characters. Learn more in our Flying Soldiers review!

In Flying Soldiers from Spanish indie studio Wildsphere, who previously gave us Timothy vs. the Aliens on PlayStation 4, you will command a group of birds as they take on a series of puzzles in order to survive the deadly traps in their path. These birds are soldiers that need to be saved, hence the name of the game. For each stage, you will have a number of soldiers to save, as well as a ser of secondary objectives. As you progress through the game, you will gain new birds, such as the Commandoes, who are faster, can press buttons, as well as swim!

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These secondary objectives consist of saving all soldiers for the level, as well as collecting all the medals for the level. While saving all of the soldiers must be done in one go, you can collect the medals during different runs of a level to get that three-star rating you crave. Each of the 45 missions in Flying Soldiers will have a varying number of soldiers to save, but there will always be three medals to collect.

The controls are very easy to understand. You will be moving a reticle over the grid for each stage, using the available items to try and save each of the birds. If there’s a gap on the ground, you can set a platform to catapult a bird forward, or perhaps it would be best to place a barrier that will make a bird change lanes so that it moves through a narrow path that contains a medal or two.

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When you press the X button, you will make an item wheel pop up, from which you can select the item you want to place. You will unlock more items as you progress through the game, which will increase the overall difficulty, but the game will never end up feeling overwhelming. Based on your performance in a level, you can end up getting a Silver or a Gold award to mark the occasion.

Flying Soldiers has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you and, as you can probably imagine, getting Gold awards in all 45 levels in Flying Soldiers is going to be your main goal on that path towards adding a new Platinum trophy to your collection. While working towards that, you will also unlock trophies for saving dozens of soldiers, placing a ton of items on the battlefield, picking up the many medals on your path, and finishing each of the campaigns in the game. Depending on your skill with puzzle games, this could take you 3-4 hours to achieve due to the game’s reliance on some good, old-fashioned trial and error.

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Flying Soldiers is a fun puzzle game that will offer 45 levels to complete, a good difficulty curve, and several items to place on each stage so that you can save as many birds as possible. The game is out on PlayStation 4 at a $17.99 price.

This Flying Soldiers review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Wildsphere.

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