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Aqua Lungers from WarpedCore Studio is a 2D party game action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Aqua Lungers review!

Aqua Lungers from indie WarpedCore Studio is a 2D party game action platformer on Nintendo Switch in which you’ll be taking on a goal that is simple and to the point: finding all of the riches you can carry! It turns out that said riches are down in the water, but the good news is that your character is an excellent swimmer who is not afraid of the underwater dangers he can run into. There are going to be some fishes that will make you swim slower, which can be very dangerous since there will always be a large Savage Monster that can end you in a single bite.

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You can move with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the B button – or using said button to gain a boost when swimming. You can attack with the Y button, and if you press and hold the button, you’ll use a charge attack. You can collect special items during your adventure, switching between them with the L and R buttons, and using them with the A button. When you need to throw all the treasure you’re carrying into the large treasure chest that will store it until the end of the match, you can do this with the X button. The more treasure you’re carrying, the slower your character will be, so don’t get too greedy, or you might end up being a creature’s meal!

To win a match, you’ll need to be the fastest out there, getting the most kills, defeating as many creatures as possible, dealing damage to the Savage Monster that acts as that stage’s boss, and collecting as much treasure as possible while bringing it back to the safety of your treasure chest, so that you can earn the most points from the bunch. Sure, you can play the game on your own as a single-player experience, but the meat of the game is the local multiplayer fun to be had with up to four players.

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During most matches, the player who manages to reach 3,000 points first will be declared as the winner. Once a player wins the match, the map node for that particular level will be marked with a red flag to not that it has been completed. This is important because all levels for a set must be completed before you can take on the boss stage for that area. The boss fight must be completed in order to be able to open up the next area in the game. When you’re not in a boss battle, the Savage Monster can be hit to make it dizzy, but it cannot be defeated.

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Each of the players will start with a set number of lives. Any hit from the Savage Monster – be that a nasty bite or an energy sphere that bursts out of its mouth – will kill a player right away. Once any player runs out of lives, the only way it will be able to respawn to continue playing will be if it’s able to pay the respawn cost. The number of lives and the respawn cost is adjusted based on the number of teammates and the number of opponents to beat so that things can always be fair.

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Aqua Lungers is a fun 2D party game action platformer that is best when played with others thanks to its local multiplayer option. While it can be played on your own, the more players there are, the better things are. You will explore bays with several spots from which to collect treasure, barren deserts in which you will have to take longer walks to and from the vessels from which you can secure the riches you seek, or sunken ruins with a very fast Savage Monster and moving walls that can crush you in an instant. Aqua Lungers is out now on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Aqua Lungers review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by WarpedCore Studio.

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