YesterMorrow Hits Consoles This November

by EdEN, Owner

YesterMorrow from Blowfish Studios and Bitmap Galaxy is set course for a November release on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Come check it out!

Her world – destroyed. Her family – kidnapped. Join our heroine Yui in a desperate attempt to save everything she loved. Learn how to use Everlight, embark on a journey through four islands (Forest, Desert, Ice and Clockwork island) and use time travel to overcome obstacles and access hidden locations. Free your family from the clutches of Shadows! Find out what really happened to the Sun and whether it can be reversed.

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YesterMorrow Features:

Learn how to wield Everlight, unlock six special abilities and use them to cleanse your world from Shadows.
Explore a vast world of YesterMorrow spanning four different islands (Forest, Desert, Ice, Clockwork).

Encounter dozens of creatures and defeat challenging bosses.

Use the environment to your advantage and solve puzzles in different ways.

Traverse the world in two different timelines. Enjoy the serene calmness of the past and battle your way through the corrupted world of the future.

Discover the rich lore as you interact with the world and its inhabitants. And don’t forget to pet all animals!

Locate hidden areas and collect power-ups and lore entries.

What do you think about what YesterMorrow from Bitmap Galaxy and Blowfish Studios has to offer?

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YesterMorrow PlayStation 4 Review - 4

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