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The Alto Collection from Snowman brings both games in the series to PlayStation 4. Learn more in our The Alto Collection review!

The Alto Collection from Snowman is a bundle that brings Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey to PlayStation 4. The formerly mobile-only games are not available for Sony’s console for fans of endless runners. Both games play the same way and feature the same overall type of content, so you can jump between one or the other to change things up a bit when you need to make a switch in the background scenery and the locations you’ll be riding through with your handy snowboard.

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Alto’s Adventure starts with you riding on your snowboard to catch the alpaca that have run away. As you do this, you’ll be able to jump with the X button, gaining extra speed by completing tricks. This is also how you’ll control things for Alto’s Odyssey. You’ll be jumping over chasms, grinding on top of long sets of ropes with flags hanging from them, bounce off rocks, jump on top of hot air balloons in Alto’s Odyssey, as well as do backflips by pressing and holding down the X button – just be sure you can do a full turn and still land safely!

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As you play through each run in this endless runner, you’ll be collecting coins, both big and small. These coins can be used at the workshop section to purchase upgrades for the items you can collect – such as the magnet that attracts any coins around you or the feather that allows you to float around for a bit – or other items to aid you so that you can extend each of your runs. You’ll have to collect thousands and thousands of coins if you want to buy everything in the workshop sections for each game!

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As you take on each new run, you’ll also be aiming at completing the different goals the game presents. The thing is that, unlike in other games of a similar endless running nature, you can’t move onto working on completing other goals until you have completed the whole batch of three. This is not a deal-breaker, but it does force you to focus on that one goal you have left from the batch before you can take on a new group of three. Goals will mark a series of milestones you’ve completed, such as managing to land a great combo for X amount of points, riding for Y meters in total, or doing Z number of backflips in total during the run.

Level up by completing each set of goals, and you will end up unlocking new characters that have different abilities. For example, Maya, the first character you’ll unlock in Alto’s Adventure, will be able to turn faster when trying out backflips, but she won’t be able to build up speed as easily. This could be an issue if you’re, say, landing after grinding on the rooftop of a house, and can’t manage to build up enough speed to land a tricky jump off a ramp that can be good enough to clear a long chasm.

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Goals are also tied to some of the trophies that this collection has to offer. There’s a Platinum trophy waiting for you at the end of the road, and while some trophies are easy and will only require you to keep on doing new runs over and over again so that you can ride for a total of 50,000, 250,000, 500,000, and 1,000,000 meters in each of the two games, or completing all of the 180 goals you can take on, there’s one trophy, in particular, that could prove to be a bit of a headache. The trophy asks that you complete all 180 goals without crashing more than 100 times, which means that you need to complete all of those goals in 100 runs, which will prove to be tricky.

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If you’re a fan of endless runners, then you’re going to dig taking on both games in The Alto Collection. For some reason, there’s a bit of slowdown after each run when the recap shows up, or when changing between that and the workshop menu to buy some power-ups or items, but other than that, you’re getting two fun, minimalist endless runners, for a good price. The Alto Collection is out now on PlayStation 4 with a $9.99 asking price.

This The Alto Collection review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Snowman.

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