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The Watchmaker Out This October |

The Watchmaker Out This October
EdEN, Owner
  • On August 6, 2020

Micropsia Games and BadLand Publishing are busy working on The Watchmaker for its October release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

The Watchmaker Review - 4

In The Watchmaker the pace of time will be one more enemy to beat, and we will have to collect hourglasses to reverse the relentless aging of our hero. The device that Alexander carries on his back shows a marker with his age: if he exceeds 90 he will die helplessly.

Fortunately, the time break offers some advantages: we will be able to slow down the pace of time to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. You can even dodge death when you take a bad jump and fall into the void: you can “rewind” the action for a few precious seconds to get a second chance.

This ambitious indie creation mixes a thrilling storyline (in which crucial details of Alexander’s past will be revealed to us) with stunning visuals, not only because of the gigantic scale of the scenarios: the bosses of each level will leave you speechless.

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