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AntVentor from Loopymood is a new point and click adventure game on Nintendo Switch with a small protagonist with big ideas. Learn more in our AntVentor review!

AntVentor from Loopymod is a new point and click adventure in which, as the name suggests, you’ll be controlling a small ant who has some very big ideas – an ant inventor! Florantin is different from the rest of the inhabitants of the anthill. He doesn’t want to go about his life doing the same daily, repetitive activities in the colony. In fact, he dreams of seeing the world! You can see this right from the start, since he has a trio of post stamps from Rome, Paris, and New York placed as posters on his wall.

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You can play this one either by using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when taking this one on the go in Portable or Tabletop Mode – or when using a Nintendo Switch Lite. You will use the left analog stick to move a cursor on the screen to interact with objects by pressing the A button, or by tapping on them. You can press the L or R buttons to highlight all objects on the screen, or you can hold your finger on the screen for a bit.

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Double-tap on the screen or quickly press the A button twice to run towards objects, or to change locations. Since this is a point and click game, you’ll have to combine elements to craft items that will aid you on your adventure. You can access your inventory by pressing the X button. If you’re ever stuck, you can call for a hint by pressing the Y button as needed. If you want to check the goals you have to complete, you can do so by pressing the – button to then scroll between the different goals with the D-Pad.

Since this is a short point and click adventure, I won’t be spoiling the game here since it’s one you should certainly experience on your own, so I will only talk about one puzzle in particular to give you an idea of what you’ll have to do. On the first screen of the game, you sort of end up breaking a gear in one of Florantin’s invention. He’s not very pleased about this, so you will have to find a new gear to fix the machine. In the room, there is a chair, a ladder, a table made with a small thread spool and a button, some sticks, a needle, and some thread.

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Before you can even think about fixing the machine, you’ll have to find a way to get out of the room itself. Florantin’s machine is contained inside of an old can of soup, and if you lift it up, you can use the hole below it to exit the room. The issue is that Florantin is not strong enough to be able to lift the can long enough to exit the room – not to mention it would make it a one-way exit! But if you open up your inventory and take out the chair, you can use that to prop up the can, so that you can then use the ladder to go down the hole. There are still a couple more steps for you to complete before you can exit the room, but this gives you an idea of what to expect from the game.

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AntVentor is a short but fun point and click adventure game on Nintendo Switch that is definitely fun. Depending on your experience with other games in the genre, you can probably complete this one in an hour – or a couple – at most. It’s the first game of a trilogy, and after playing this gorgeous and fun, bite-sized adventure game, I’m definitely looking forward to playing the next entry! AntVentor is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This AntVentor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Loopymood.

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