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Ultimate Hat Dimension from Ratalaika Games and Kitsune Games is a colorful and fun puzzle game on PS4. Learn more in our Ultimate Hat Dimension review!

As the name suggests, in Ultimate Hat Dimension from Ratalaika Games and Kitsune Games, hats will play an important role in this puzzle game. If you approach an enemy and are not wearing a hat that matches the one it’s wearing, you’ll be punched. What this does is move your character one square over, and if you’re not careful, this might send you right within of another enemy, who might also punch you if you’re not wearing the right hat. Your goal will be to reach the key within each level so that you can then open the door that will act as the exit.

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Things start up pretty easy, with no hats to worry about, so that you can get a feel for how the whole “get softly punched by fluffy opponents” thing works. But oNce you hit level six and on, you’ll need to really pay attention to each level’s layout so that you can see where each hat type is and how each hat type can help you get past some enemies as you aim to collect the next hat on the stage that will bring you one step closer to collecting the key to open the door. You might need to first collect a bow so that you can get a pair of bunny ears so that you can get the key, and then you no change into a star hat so that you can grab another pair of bunny ears to be able to reach the exit.

At first, you will only be trying to grab and wear the right hat to be able to get past the different Spluff on your path, which only requires you to move around each level as needed, avoiding the enemies that will only set you back. But soon, you will be asked to use the power of the hat you’re wearing to push and move the Spluff who are wearing the same hat as you. Doing this will make the hat you’re wearing completely disappear, which will force you to collect a new hat to carry on with your adventure.

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You can send a Spluff sliding right into another Spluff, which will make the one you pushed punch and knock out the other one. Once it’s been knocked out, that Spluff won’t be able to punch you for a bit, which should allow you to make your move so that you can get past it, collect another hat, or grab the key. Just be sure to pay attention to the timer on top of a knocked out Spluff so that you can see how many moves you have left before it wakes up! Some Spluff combinations will make them cancel each other so that neither one can punch you.

If you make a mistake, you can press the Square button to undo your last move, retracing your steps as you continue to press the Square button. If undoing your moves won’t have much of an effect and you’re effectively trapped, then you can just simply press the Triangle button to immediately reset the puzzle, so that you can learn from your mistakes and give it another try.

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The trophies for this one are very straightforward, and the list does not feature any missable trophies. All of the trophies will unlock as you progress through the game, and it’s a list with nothing but eleven Gold trophies to unlock before you can get that new Platinum trophy. The trophies will unlock when you complete levels 1, 3, and 5, with subsequent trophies unlocking every five levels.

Ultra Hat Dimension PlayStation 4 Review- 4

Ultimate Hat Dimension is a colorful and fun puzzle game with easy to understand gameplay mechanics, and dozens of levels to beat before you can reach the final challenge. The game is out on PlayStation 4 with a low $4.99 asking price, making this an easy one to recommend.

This Ultimate Hat Dimension review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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