[PS4Blog.net Interview] Adam Ferrando And Ralph Barbagallo On Demon’s Tilt

by EdEN, Owner

We’ll be working on a review for Demon’s Tilt, so I got in touch with Ralph Barbagallo and Adam Ferrando to talk a bit about the game’s journey to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Good morning! Thank you for joining us at PS4Blog.net. Can you please help us get started by introducing yourself to our readers?

Ralph Barbagallo: Ralph Barbagallo, Founder of FLARB LLC, the publisher of this game.

Adam Ferrando: My name is Adam Ferrando. I’m the Designer/Artist/Creator of Demon’s Tilt.

Demon's Tilt Review - 1

PS4B: Demon’s Tilt is out now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. What can you tell us about this game?

Ralph: This game is an homage to classic 16-bit era video pinball games. Video pinball has been sort of a forgotten genre as the pinball renaissance has brought forth a bunch of pinball simulation games that aim to be accurate representations of physical pinball machines. We’re bringing back the 1990s genre of pure video pinball, which does things impossible to do on a real-world machine.

Adam: I love all the weird and wonderful games that existed in the fringe of retrogaming and arcades, this was my way of adding to that lineage. I wanted to make my own obscure/cult game!

Demon's Tilt Review - 1

PS4B: How long did it take to develop the game? Were there any hurdles or challenges you had to overcome during the process?

Ralph: Adam Ferrando – the creator of the game – showed me the first prototype around 2016. So the game has been in development for around 4 to 5 years with the past year or so being full-time to get it across the finish line. The tricky part has been getting the game performant and as bug-free as possible on so many different platforms.

Adam: The game had a long development time, starting in 2015. It has a realistic scope/size for such a small team, but it still was an arduous process. It’s my first game release, and thankfully the reception has been good.

Demon's Tilt Review - 2

PS4B: Are there any differences between the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 versions of the game?

Adam: Content-wise, the games are the same. We optimized early on for getting it on the Nintendo Switch – 60 FPS on Switch at launch was a must, and the game plays very well handheld.

The PS4 has some extra post-processing FX not present on Switch.

Ralph: The PlayStation 4 actually supports 64-bit leaderboards, so there’s no reason to split up the scores into a separate “Billionaire’s Club.” Now everyone can compete on the same leaderboard!

Demon's Tilt Review - 3

PS4B: I’d love to see Demon’s Tilt get a physical release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 – with a mini lovely manual/art book. Is this something that might happen at a later date?

Ralph: We’ve been talking to a few companies about this. They were all waiting for the PlayStation 4 version to arrive before moving forward. So hopefully we’ll see something soon.

Adam: We’d like that too! Ask your favorite physical publisher about us!

PS4B: And now it’s time for us to end this one. Is there something else you’d like to add?

Ralph: Follow Demon’s Tilt on Twitter for future updates!


Adam: Thanks for everyone that’s playing! Glad to bring a moment of joy to so many people.

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