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Radical Rabbit Stew from Sold Out and Pugstorm is a 16-bits style action-arcade puzzler on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Radical Rabbit Stew review!

You’ll control your tiny chef with the left analog stick or the D-Pad to have him move around each puzzle stage. Your first weapon will be a wooden spoon, which you can swing with the Square button to knockout the bunnies and send them flying in the direction you swung your spoon. By combining this with the many springs you will find in each area, you’ll be able to make each rabbit go into a pot. When a rabbit is sent into a pot, it will leave the level, and you will have one less rabbit – and one less pot – to worry about. Once all rabbits have been potted, you’ll have completed the stage and will be sent to the hub world do that you can move onto the next stage.

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Later on, you will run into some stubborn rabbits who won’t move when you hut them with the wooden spoon. It is then that you will have to use the silver spoon that you find in a treasure chest after the first boss to charge your attack with the X button so that you can send that particular rabbit flying. And what if you find a hand spoon that can be used to grab onto rings over a long distance so that you can cross over dangerous obstacles or to get onto special sections that hold one of the blue coins that act as the game’s collectibles? And if you could have a spoon to place bomb scoops at will…

Treasure chests will also reward you with some extra hearts so that you can boost your overall health, which will help you to survive your fight against the different rabbit types you will find. On top of the regular rabbits that you will find during every step of the way, as well as the larger stubborn rabbits who need to be hit with a powered-up silver spoon, you will also find rabbits that will explode a bit later after being hit or rabbits that have grown wings, and who sorta behave like bats.

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Rabbits can be sent into any of the different pots around each stage, which means that most puzzles will have more than one solution for you to solve the situation at hand. But there are some puzzles that you will have to solve in a particular order, or else you won’t be able to place all rabbits inside of a pot. One false move and your mistake will send a rabbit flying outside of the screen, which will make your little chef angry since it will make the game reset the puzzle. On the bright-side, later stages will have metal hatches from which an infinite supply of rabbits will exit.

Every now and then, you’ll run into a boss fight that will test your skills as you put everything you’ve learned so far into effect. The giant rabbits you will battle during each boss fight will have different movement and attack patterns for you to learn, so don’t feel bad if you end up dying in any of these battles since the difficulty does ramp up at a steady pace as you progress through them. Just pay attention and make the most of the rabbits around you – and of any bombs that could be useful – and you’ll soon be ready to take on a new set of stages!

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Along with the main Story Mode campaign, Radical Rabbit Stew also has a pair of extra modes for you to try out. There’s Versus Mode, which offers fun local multiplayer battles for you to take on, as well as a full-fledged Stage Editor in which you’ll be able to create your own stages from scratch. You’ll get to use the different floor types, metal curves, enemies, hazards, obstacles, and everything else that the game will throw at you during the Story Mode campaign so that you can then test your level to make sure it can be completed.

As for the trophies, Radical Rabbit Stew has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you! There are several trophies for progressing through the game and completing each of the different sets of stages on offer, as well as trophies for collecting every type of spoon and for potting 100 rabbits during your time with Radical Rabbit Stew. There’s also a trophy for collecting all of the blue coins in every stage of the game, as well as a pair of trophies for speedrunning the Story Campaign in less than two hours and less than one hour, respectively. If you don’t go for any of the blue coins, you’ll definitely be able to take on the game and complete it in less than two hours. Speedrunning it in less than an hour will probably need a second full run.

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Radical Rabbit Stew is a fun 16-bits style action-arcade puzzler with bite-sized after bite-sized stages that build upon the skills you’ve learned and the different abilities you’ve unlocked. Add the local multiplayer mode, being able to create your own stages, and the game having a Platinum trophy, and this is an easy one to recommend on PlayStation 4. Radical Rabbit Stew is out now for $15.99

This Radical Rabbit Stew review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sold Out.

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