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REZ PLZ from Graffiti Games and Long Neck Games is a fun 2D action puzzle platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our REZ PLZ review!

In single-player or local co-op action puzzle platformer 2D REZ PLZ from Graffiti Games and Long Neck Games, you’ll be taking on the story of wizards Arcan and Zeph, who also happen to be brothers. They’re out on a mystical journey, and their future is going to be packed full of danger! Their goal? The same of most adventurers: to find as much rare loot as possible! Oh, and to save their wizard school from the evil wizards from Dark Arcanum. Death is going to be a big part of the equation since when one of the brothers dies, odds are it’s going to be for the greater good. Fall on a bed of deadly spikes? Then at least the other character will be able to use your corpse as a stepping stone! An enemy stabbed you real good? Then the second character will have a window of opportunity to dive in and go for the kill!

While the brothers are indeed wizards, they’re not really good at it, so you need to be careful when activating a spell! Some spells might end up doing more harm than good, but at least you’ll be gaining access to new spells as you progress through the game. Who knows, burning your bother might be exactly what you need to be able to get to that chest at the top of the tall wall! The good news is that the one spell they’re very good at is resurrection, thanks to a magical scroll that can be used to bring the brothers back to life.

As you’re sliced in half, eaten alive, burned to death, melt in lava, and more, you’ll be controlling your characters with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you try to run from danger and jump out of the way with the B button. You can use the L button to alley-oop your brother. When playing on your own, you’ll be able to switch between characters with a quick press of the X button. The X button will also be your Rez button, so that you can resurrect that who has, unfortunately, left us too soon. Every time you resurrect your brother, you will use up a magical stone, so be sure to pick a new one right away so that you’re not caught without one of them! You can also change this from the pause menu so that you have infinite resurrections.

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You can pick up objects with the A button, attack with the Y button, or throw stuff. As for some other more magical moves that will unlock as you go, you will turn to stone with the R button, glide by jumping and holding down the B button, absorb with the Y button, or use telekinesis to move stuff around by pressing and holding down the A button. Mix all of this with what I mentioned earlier about using your brother’s body to overcome hazards, and you have yourself a very fun 2D puzzle-platforming adventure!

If you want to find all of the hidden loot that the game has to offer, you’ll need to pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Without spoiling things too much, I’ll talk a bit about one of the first locked treasure chests you can find when playing REZ PLZ. You will be in the starting dungeon – which is the tutorial dungeon – and will come up to a pair of walls you can use to wall jump onwards. If you look at the upper part of the screen, you’ll notice that there’s a chance you can use the left wall to wall jump further up, so off you’ll go to stand on your brother’s shoulders so that you can gain enough extra height for your jump. Use your staff to hit back the fireball thrown by an enemy, and you’ll find yourself in front of the aforementioned locked treasure chest!

REZ PLZ Nintendo Switch Review - 4u’ve already completed.

At the end of each stage, you’ll be graded based on your performance. You’ll learn how long it took you to complete the level, how many times you died, if you got some extra credit by finding the hidden loot in that stage, and then the final grade you god based on all of that. This is a good way of letting you know if you’re as good as you think you are, while also waving an extra objective in front of those of you who like to 100% each game they play, since you can go back and try to do things differently to get a better grade. Each level in each stage will be presented as an entry on a different page of a book, so you can easily replay stages.

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REZ PLZ is a fun 2D action puzzle platformer on Nintendo Switch that has a nice difficulty curve and a good challenge for single-player and local co-op runs. The way the levels are set up in more of a bite-sized selection that you can take on a handful of levels per run, and then easily quit to the main menu to save so that you can carry on – or even replay – levels at another moment means that you can always have the time to play for 10-15 minutes and make some progress. REZ PLZ is out now on Nintendo Switch for a $14.99 asking price.

This REZ PLZ review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Graffiti Games.

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