[Beyond PlayStation] Ghost Grab 300 Review

by MrMitchGeorge

Take a bullet-hell shooter, add a beam chaining tool for nuking ghosts, and a bunch of fun arcade-style mechanics, and you get Ghost Grab 3000. Learn more in our Ghost Grab 3000 review!

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Matt Glanville is the sole developer behind Ghost Grab 3000, as was the case for Singled Out, which we also reviewed on Nintendo Switch. He’s put together a fun post-apocalyptic experience full of a variety of tools, mods, and upgrades that can tweak your experience through each ghost-chaining adventure. In the post-apocalyptic world of Ghost Grab 3000, humanity is gone, but their spirits remain. You play as GG-3000, a robot tasked with cleaning up the world, similar to the story of Disney’s Wall-E. Unlike Wall-E, who was tasked with cleaning up garbage, GG-3000’s role is to clean up the souls who have not yet left this world.

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GG-3000 is equipped with a beam weapon which you can use to chain ghosts as you avoid all of their attacks. The aim is to chain together the most ghosts to increase your score multiplier when you vanquish each chain of ghosts. You also have access to a boost, which zips you around the map, an EMP to push enemies back and stun them, as well as a nuke, for those instances where you just need to clear the screen. After each round, you’re offered one of three randomly chosen power-ups. These upgrades could be a health pickup, beamwidth boost, extra speed, a larger EMP range, or another nuke.

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The game does feature multiple difficulties you can unlock by clearing a certain number of waves in the previous difficulty. I didn’t feel a great sense of accomplishment in unlocking a higher degree of challenge. Leaderboard chasing is the name of the game, but there isn’t a strong desire to want to climb the rankings. Ghost Grab 3000 also features an in-game achievements system, so you’ll also have those objectives to aim for.

The mod system features three categories: core, battery, and auxiliary. Mods alter a variety of attributes for GG-3000, such as the number of hearts it starts with or the range of its EMP stun. I found the mod system as a whole to be a bit cumbersome. You collect coins in each run through the game, but since you only get to collect a few of those for each run, unlocking the most expensive mods a tedious task. I found myself ignoring most of the mods, as I never felt like the differences were worth the effort of collecting coins.

Ghost Grab 3000 Nintendo Switch Review - 4

The core gameplay loop of Ghost Grab 3000 is enjoyable, and the risk-reward of creating the longest chain of ghosts you possibly can certainly offer a fun time. The additional mechanics of upgrading GG-3000 with the reward from each wave, as well as the mod system, might not be for everyone, but this is certainly an enjoyable wave-based arcade-style game to check out. Ghost Grab 3000 is ready for you on Nintendo Switch for a low $4.99 asking price.

This Ghost Grab 3000 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Matt Glanville.

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