The Forgotten Land Ready For Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Rokaplay has released The Forgotten Land, a turn-based match-three game with some RPG and management elements. Come check it out!

The Forgotten Land Review - 1

Match 3 with RPG and Management elements
Along with your friends you embark on a quest for the legendary “Forgotten Land”. Your adventure begins! “The Forgotten Land” is a turn-based “Combat & Puzzle Match 3” with streamlined RPG and Management elements. Set up a sheltering camp, improve your teams’ abilities and unlock tactical bonuses.

Show your skills and prepare your strategies! Improve your heroes’ strengths with care and put their special powers to tactical use to prevail in battle.

Are you ready?

The Forgotten Land Switch Review - 2

The Forgotten Land Nintendo Switch Review - 4

The Forgotten Land Switch Review - 3

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