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Source of Madness Coming To Nintendo Switch

EdEN, Owner

Thunderful has announced it will be bringing Carry Castle’s Source of Madness to the Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Source of Madness is a lovecraftian rogue-lite action-platformer where you are challenged by dynamic and ever-changing monsters from the void. Prepare to fight unique monsters, learn powerful spells, and uncover a twisted and always changing dynamic world as you adapt to and overcome that which has never been seen before.

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Source of Madness Features:

– Procedural Monsters: Fight unique monsters each play-through, brought to life by machine learning AI.

– Class Altars: Infuse the blood of your enemies into magical altars to unlock permanent bonuses.

– Magical Spell Combat: Find powerful spells and master their wide range of effects and attack patterns.

– Ever Changing Dynamic World: For each new run your world is twisted into something new and fresh.

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