ProtoCorgi Hits Nintendo Switch This Year

by EdEN, Owner

Bark ’em up ProtoCorgi from Kemono Games and Deep Silver is aiming for a November release on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

ProtoCorgi is an retro style pixel art, horizontal shoot ‘em up with arcade gameplay that gives the player control over Bullet, a C3 class (Cute Cyber Corgi or Cosmic Combat Corgi) cybernetic pup.

When Bullet discovers that Nixie was kidnapped by evil alien forces seeking galactic domination, the cute, yet deadly Corgi goes on a quest to save her. The adventure ahead fills your screen with fully animated beautiful retro pixel art and lets you experience Bullet’s fights with precise controls, solid gameplay and passionate story.

Shoot, Dodge and Bark your way through in this adorable Bark’em up!

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