New Gameplay Trailer For Skully

by EdEN, Owner

Modus Games and Finish Lines Games got in touch to share a new trailer for Skully that showcases a chunk of gameplay for this August PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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Skully follows the peculiar journey of a skull brought back to life by an enigmatic deity desperate to save an island from the devastation it faces if Terry doesn’t mend fences with his feuding siblings. Players will leverage clay-boosted powers as they tumble through the island’s seven distinct ecosystems, conquering tricky platforming, encountering colorful locals, and outwitting environmental puzzles to discover the mystery at the heart of the land’s bubbling quarrel.

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Skully Features:

Hop, skip and roll your way to victory
Dodge obstacles across the island as Skully, a reanimated skull brought back to life by the power of magical clay.

Adapt to your environment
Transform into three distinct forms to overcome challenges & defeat enemies.

Traverse a mysterious island
Roll through 18 different levels in 7 lush environments each packed with unique dangers.

Explore a compelling story
Fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes breathe life into the island’s inhabitants and the charming world of Skully!

Stop a destructive rivalry
Discover the secret behind the deity’s family conflict and end their quarrel.

We’ll be working on a review for Skully from Modus Games and Finish Lines Games, so be sure to stick around at!

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Skully Review - 4

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