Locomotion On Its Way To Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Locomotion from Polyfox is set for a July release on Nintendo Switch. Come check out some new info and screens!

Gather your treasure through puzzles and adventure!
“Howdy partner! My gold’s been STOLEN! Could you help me get it back with that there marvellous technical thingy-ma-bob you’ve got there?”

Locomotion is a spectacular single-player train puzzle game. Sit back, relax and chill for an afternoon of excellent, entertainment and excitement, or, pick up and go as you solve puzzles on the move!

Guide your train to the exit of each level, collect all of your gold and travel to new heights!

Locomotion is the perfect family-friendly casual puzzle game – grab a partner to help you figure out those extra tricky puzzles and enjoy the journey together!

Locomotion Features:

• Travel through 52 levels divided into 4 worlds with different themes.

• Retrieve your stolen gold hidden throughout each level to help the conductor reach his dreams.

• Aid your train to the exit with a variety of mechanisms like lifts, switches, pressure plates, magnets, fans, crumbling blocks, exploding carriages, and more, as you travel further into fun new levels.

• Incredible isometric views with a dynamic soundtrack that changes as you play.

• Navigate these worlds in a single-player experience; unravelling a story of loss, vengeance, and unidentified flying objects.

“Ready to jump onboard partner? Go ahead and grab your ticket and I’ll see you in the Wild West.”

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