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by EdEN, Owner

Wurroom from Sometimes You, Michael Rfdshir, and Serge Bulat, is a bizarre and short art experience on Nintendo Switch. Intrigued? Learn more in our Wurroom review!

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In Wurroom from Sometimes YouSometimes You, Michael RfdshirMichael Rfdshir, and Serge BulatSerge Bulat, players will take on a short and surreal 10-minute experience that will present a journey into the multiverse. You’ll play as a floating hand, and will travel through different scenarios that present a look into the subconscious, representing what someone’s imagination can bring to the table. As I mentioned before, it’s a trippy experimental adventure that you can complete in 10 minutes, which ain’t bad for its $0.99 asking price.

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The first thing that will grab your attention is the game’s visual art style. Everything you see in Wurroom has been hand-made and then animated, hence its great-looking presentation and feel with stop-motion Claymation graphics. It’s a good choice for the game’s surreal and bizarre sequences, which are complemented by Wurroom’s relaxing soundtrack. This is a short point and click adventure, so you’ll be using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen to tap on every object on the screen as it twists and morphs.

As a side note for fellow trophy hunters that might be tempted to get Wurroom on the PlayStation Vita due to its budget $0.99 asking price, you do need to be aware that Wuroom does not have a Platinum trophy for you. It’s hard to expect a $0.99 game on PlayStation Vita, so what you’ll get on Sony’s little portable console that could, is six trophies in total: four Silver trophies, and two Gold trophies.

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Wurrom is a weird experience to describe without spoiling the whole thing since it’s only ten minutes long. What I will say is that this $0.99 budget title is worth a shot on Nintendo Switch since it’s certainly a unique one that is unlike anything else on the console.

This Wurroom review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sometimes YouSometimes You.

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