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by EdEN, Owner

Resolutiion from Monolith of Minds and Deck 13 is a fast-paced pixeltastic action game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this gem in our Resolutiion review!

In Resolutiion from German twin brothers Rich and Günther – indie Monolith of Minds – and publisher Deck13, you will take on a surreal cyberpunk experience. I liked what I had seen about the game from its trailer and overall pitch, so I got in touch with Monolith of Minds for an interview on the game’s development, which you can check out by clicking right here. As for Resolutiion proper, the game starts with a scene of three kids playing soccer, followed by finding a mysterious blue entity, and then the world starts to glitch around you. It turns out that the soccer scene was a simulation. You’re an assassin 100 years in the future, in a land that has certainly seen better days. Humans live in the cloud and have turned into machine hybrids to be able to survive. Your mission is to escort the AI Aliibi.

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You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, attacking with the Y button to destroy anything that moves. You’ll be able to accelerate and boost your speed by pressing and holding down the B button, which is very useful for when you need to get out of a dangerous scenario. You’ll have a map that you can check with the – button to see where you’ve been to and where you should be going. The items you collect can be selected in your inventory with the X button so that you can use them with the ZR button. You can also go into the Settings menu and change around what button does what, in case you don’t like the standard setup.

Alibii is a special type of AI that excels at encryption and hacking, so you must take it into enemy territory to bring down the terrorist networks from the inside. You can’t just march in there and expect to make it out alive, and in one piece, so you’ll need to explore and gather valuable information that can bring you closer and closer to fulfilling the plan. Alibii will aid you on this journey, opening new paths, marking new points of interest on your map, helping you remember what you have forgotten.

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The game has a nice difficulty curve, allowing you to get the hang of things before throwing a bunch of deadlier enemies at you. During the start of the game, most entities will not attack you if you don’t try to hurt them, but once you reach the game’s first proper enemy, you will start to understand what can and cannot be avoided. Enemies might attack you relentlessly once you’ve drawn your blade, but after being defeated, you will notice that some of them will beg for mercy when they’re down for the count. It was definitely an interesting touch to the game, as is how he music changes depending on how much health you have left, slowing down when you’ve been damaged, or accentuating you being one step away from falling into death’s embrace.

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When you die – which will happen a lot at the start of your time with Resolutiion – you will respawn at the last checkpoint you reached. The good news is that all of the enemies that you had already defeated will remain dead, which means that even if you take a slow and steady approach to the game, you will still be making some progress even if you end up being bested by a larger and more powerful enemy, or by a smaller enemy that crept up on you while you focused on the more menacing big guy with the giant hammer.

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Resolutiion is a trippy, weird, great-looking and fun post-apocalyptic surreal adventure on Nintendo Switch that you’re going to love or hate. Things start off normal enough given the overall setting for this game, but you’ll soon run into large burrowing kittens, and then you’ll know you’re certainly not in Kansas anymore. Resolutiion is out on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

This Resolutiion review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Deck13.

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