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Hang the Kings from Minimol Games and QUByte Interactive is a fun, minimalist puzzle game in which the King must go. Learn more in our Hang the Kings review!

In puzzle game Hang the Kings from Minimol Games and QUByte Interactive, your task is simple: you must capture all pieces on the board before you take down the King. To do this, you’ll be making the most of the rules of chess, while taking on a minimalist puzzle that spins things around by using chess pieces, with a twist, which makes for a fresh experience. You’ll take on 100 puzzles to solve, which is some solid value for this budget $0.99 Nintendo Switch release.

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You can control this one by moving a cursor over the board with the left analog stick, picking up chess pieces with the A button to drop them over another piece by pressing the same button again. If you’re having second thoughts after selecting a chess piece, just press the B button to cancel your selection. Made a mistake and screwed up? Then just press the X button, and you’ll reset the puzzle. If you want to change the way you’re looking at a particular puzzle, you can spin and pan the board around with the right analog stick. All of this can also be achieved by using the console’s touchscreen when playing Portable or Tabletop Mode, or if you’re playing this one on a Nintendo Switch Lite console.

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For those of you new to chess, the game is played on an eight by eight checkerboard with eight types of pieces: pawns, bishops, knights, rooks, queens, and kings. Each of these pieces has a distinct movement pattern – as well as some extra rules attached to their behavior during a chess match – and in Hang the Kings, you’ll be making good use of these pieces… that is, except for the pawns. That means you’ll be controlling rooks, knights, bishops, and queens as you try to eliminate all pieces from the board before you make your move and strike down the King.

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Hang the Kings has a simple premise and a minimalist look, which places all of the focus on the puzzles themselves. Things start off easy enough, but the difficulty ramps up at a steady pace with each new level you complete as more pieces are added, with a board layout that changes from puzzle to puzzle, all leading up to having pieces of different colors to control. Hang the Kings is a fun puzzle game that is out now on Nintendo Switch for a low $0.99, so be sure to check it out!

This Hang the Kings review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QUByte Interactive.

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