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She Sees Red from Rhinotales is a new interactive movie experience thriller on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

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Make choices that affect the narrative and experience several different endings in this blood-red interactive movie!
Someone has killed several people at a popular nightclub. A lone detective has been assigned to the case, following every clue … wherever it may lead. In this provocative interactive thriller, NOTHING is as it seems!

Make choices. Affect change. Experience multiple endings and inhabit the mind of a killer in She Sees Red.

She Sees Red Features:

– Gripping, mature non-linear narrative.
– Story elements can be experienced by making meaningful choices along the way.
– Four possible endings!
– Professional actors, editing, lighting, and sound design.

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The game contains two audio tracks: original Russian and dubbed English.

Lip-synching in the dubbed version might not be perfect due to the nature of speech patterns in the original language. If you are not satisfied with the dubbed version, you can always switch to the original Russian version with subtitles (different languages available).

We’re working on a review for She Sees Red, so be sure to stick around at!

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